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Newb With 2006 R220 washdown/livewell question.

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I need a little help here fellas. I just bought a 2006 R220. Have only had her for about a week. While getting myself familiar with her this evening in the drive way i decided to mess with the washdown system. On my console I have a water pressure toggle, a live well toggle, and a washdown toggle. I am aware that the seacock has to be open for these systems to work. when i engage the live well toggle i can hear the pump working. When i hit the washdown toggle i can hear the washdown pump working. i am assuming the water pressure toggle is for the 10 gal freshwater system, however i can not find the fresh water fill. It supposed to be on the transom but i don't see it anywhere, i also can not locate the shower. Is it possible that Robalo put the water pressure toggle on my console without the vessel having a freshwater tank/shower? Can someone please explain this system to me? Thanks.



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If your R220 is equipped with the optional fresh water shower, you should find the fresh water deck fitting (red arrow) inside the engine splash well...



...as well as, in the below image, a fresh water tank (#16 green), a fresh water pump (#2 red) with its output hose (#3 blue) leading to the starboard side...


...to the sidewall aft of the stern door (arrowed yellow circle) where the hand shower is located...


Absent all those components, you have an inoperative Water Pressure toggle switch, which may or may not have wires attached to it.

Incidentally, also in the above photo, the raw water washdown outlet (#1 purple) is shown on the starboard sidewall of the engine splash well.

Good luck!


2006 R220.pdf

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2006 R220 Parts Identification Guide added

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