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2018 Upgrades

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Every year I plan to do some upgrades on the old girl. This year she got some new countertops, sinks, stove, tile, and paint.

First I made a template of the bathroom top and built a new top at home with plywood and black granite tiles. I also know this plumber dude that hooked me up with a new sink and faucet. I had to remove the mirror cabinet doors and cut them up to clear the new faucet. Doing this made me decide to tile the back wall. The original wallpaper was dingy from all the years but was really stuck to the walls. Because it was a fabric feeling wallpaper I decided to try to paint it with really light coats so it wouldn't release the glue behind it. It worked!

I also made a new bar top to replace the existing one and covered the existing Formica tops with granite tiles. Installed a new sink and new flat top stove. The end table next to the sofa had to get a little love as well.

I am beginning to run out of things to do on the boat. Maybe it's time for a bigger one🤔










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Oh and BTW.............................

I'm being supervised the whole time.



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About time you hired a knowledgeable supervisor! He does know hot goes on the left side and cold on the right side?

I like the sink...actually like all the changes you are making.  Kinda bringing the boat out of the '80s and look more modern.

Bigger boat, huh.  I remember a conversation a few years ago justifying selling the center console and just doing a few charters a year when the urge hit you.  Next was the Viking.  BTW...that new Viking 58 would look purty in your slip!

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