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Sold R207 and bought new boat

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My wife decided we needed a bigger boat after a family outing last year in a crowded R207. Since I had picked out the Albemarle and the Robalo I gave her the option of picking out the new boat. I steered her to the R247 and I thought that was what we were going to get. However, she saw the Sailfish 245DC and fell in love with it. We sold the R207 on the same day the Sailfish was delivered from the factory. She is thrilled with all the extra seating and the difference in the ride compared to the R207 (size and weight account for most of the difference). I haven't even gotten the 20 hours on the engine for its first oil change due to some travel, schedules and weather. Started install of autopilot and have other additions planned for this winter to get the boat how we want it.


I'll still be contributing to this forum as I am still part of the Robalo family. Who know? The next boat may be a Robalo.




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Congrats on the new sled. Important thing is that the wife is happy. I haven't had a Robalo since 2013 but this is part of my family and I'll always be dropping in.


Be sure to post up some pics.

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Congratulations on the new boat, Richard! And you are correct on one thing, once you have owned a Robalo and posted here, you are a member for life! Even though it would have been nice if she had selected the R247, there is nothing wrong with the Sailfish! Keep posting!


BTW...I plan on taking you up on that offer to ride in the new boat. Give me a few more weeks of physical therapy and I should be up to it!

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