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Robalo 2120 CC Manufacturing and boat building information

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Good Afternoon:


I have been looking around at a boat to purchase and have been looking at Mako and Robalo 21's. I have looked at 1980-1987 Year Robalo center consoles and also a 1997 Robalo 21020 which I really like how it is configured. there are so many websites that talk about good years and bad years and would like to see what people on this website think About the 1980's versions as opposed to the 1990's versions?


I do love the 80's versions for the teak and their high sides, but the 1997 version I looked really nice too....


On iboats the 2120 looks like a different boat, the 97 is heavier which I would think the 87 would have been? Anything you can tell me about the design would be helpful?



Thanks so much!




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Welcome to the site! Decisions on purchasing a boat...


I don't have the specs on the '97 hull, but I would have thought the older hull would have been heavier. Before the accounting departments got involved in the costs associated with boat building, the shop floor tended to lay more glass and resin into those older hulls than the advertised weights.


Sounds like you like the '97 more than the other one and it may meet all your needs other than the classic look of teak. Teak can be added to a boat fairly easy; adding fiberglass stuff is more of a challenge and gets expensive!


The older Robalo has wood in the stringers, transom, and floor. I am not sure how much of the newer boat had transitioned over to composite material.


Here is a link on what to look for when purchasing a used boat:




This hits some of the major areas. After doing this check, if there are still questions regarding the boat, spending a few hundred dollars for a good marine inspection is money well spent to assist in either identifying unseen issues or confirming it is a good boat.


Hope this gives you some information to start with. Let us know if there are any other questions you need assistance with.

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