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Robalo 1980 amf 20"

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Hi people I'm new in this forum and I have a question I would like to know how much weight is my boat cuz I want to try towing with a Jeep Liberty 2003 Just want to make sure if this type of car can pull my boat I was reading and this car can pull up to 5000 pounds... please any answer ????

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Bare hull, no motor lists at 2150 lbs. Add 450 for motor, another 200 for batteries and misc stuff, and 1000 for trailer. Figure 3800-4000 lbs.

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Pulling is not going to be the problem. The hard thing is STOPPING as the boat n trailer weighs more than the tow vehical.

I had a Astro that I pulled her and it was a new aluminum float on and if there was any water on the road it was bear to control it. Last time I pulled her with it I got pushed down a bridge and luckily no one was in the intersection as I flew right through it with no control.

So if it was I I would get get disc brakes on both axels to help you.

If you plan a lot of trips you might want to get a bigger vehicle in the near future. Just my $,02 worth.

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