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Crunching sound when stepping on deck

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Hello, I have a 2006 240CC, when I step onto the deck it crackles or gives off a small crunching sound. It does this as you walk around the helm. if you were to walk around the helm a second time you do not hear it again. the boat sits a day and it happens all over again....is this common? is it something to be concerned about? Thank you

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First, welcome to the site!


I have never heard of this before. The only thing I can think of is possibly the coring below the deck has either delaminated from the fiberglass or the core has rotted due to water intrusion if it has a wood core. Possibly, after the boat is not used for a day or so, the deck "springs back" and you hear the crunching the next time when the deck is flexing/pushing against the underlying coring.

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