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Windlass wont work?


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Use a multimeter to be sure you have 12 volts on both side of the windlass breaker. If 12volts on both sides, check connections at the windlass.


If it is a Lewmar windlass, I don't think there are any solenoid switches.

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Hi @JackH,

I am having a similar issue with a R265, the windlass works fine if I provide 12v directly to either of the windlass wires but once attached to the main control unit / solenoid I won't work. I know they are different boats, but did you manage to find out where the control unit / contactor / solenoid sits in your boat?

I didn't manage to locate mine yet... 😞


Thx in advance,



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I don't know where your primary switch is.  Can you trace the 2 wires at the windlass back to the point they come out under the dash?  My first guess is both the control box and contactor are behind the dash.

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