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R2120 Y1990 Questions about fuel tank and baffles

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Hello! Post from Sweden.

I have just bought my first Robalo. They're rare over here. It's a R2120 from around year 1990, I think. Probably from the Cobia era.


The fuel tank is the 100 gallon, but I'm tring to find out if there are any baffles in it?


It should be I think, due to it's size?


Anyone knows the feutures of the fuel tank?





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Welcome to the site! It is great having international members on this forum.


Your tank is the same as mine in the 2160. There are baffles in the tank. I am sure there is one, maybe two. I was chasing down a piece of gasket material in my tank using one of those cameras on a flexible shaft, and could not get past the first baffle. I think it is about 8-10 inches behind the hole the fuel float installs in. Your tank may also have 2 fuel pick-ups. These have a screen and check valve in them that could cause problems if debris gets past the end of the tube. I have removed the screens from my pick-up tubes and rely on the fuel/water seperator filter to catch any crud in the fuel system.

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