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First Robalo, 1997 2320, 1997 Mercury 225EFI. Need a little help.


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I have recently purchased a 1 owner 1997 Robalo 2320 with a 1997 Mercury 225EFI (900 hours) on it. I want to go through it and replace everything on the hull this year and re-power it next year. I can't find any information on the following items that I want to replace:


Baitwell pump

Washdown pump

Bilge pumps


Fuel tank sending unit

Nav and Running Lights


I would like to replace all this with new equipment and maybe even the wiring and switches. Can anyone help?


I will post pics for everyone as soon as it gets back from the graphics guy. I am having new Robalo graphics put on it.

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Welcome to the site and congratulations on the new purchase! Once we see some pictures of what you have, that will help in suggestions.


Based on my experience, the Jabsco Water Puppy makes a great washdown pump. I like the metal pump casing and the impeller has never been replaced! I finally removed it from the boat after 10 years since I hardly ever used it (got tired of fighting the darn hose always in the way).


Bilge pump: Rule. Go with the separate float switch; not one of the pumps that auto cycles checking for water. Those can run a battery down with their constant cycling if you forget to turn off the batteries at the end of the day. I firmly believe in the Keep It Simple concept when dealing with safety equipment on the boat. If the switch goes bad, I can always bypass it since it is separate from the pump.


Fuel sender....solid state instead of the float style! Much more accurate. Wema or Livorsi have good products. You end up paying twice as much for this type of sender than the older swing arm senders, but they seem to hold up longer and you don't have the fuel gauge constantly bouncing all over the place!


Lights....led! I have replaced all the lights on the boat with led fixtures. Lot less battery draw and good light.


Gauges are dependant on what you plan to re-power with. Maybe somebody else can talk about bait well pumps as I only used a Rule pump for a portable well, so I don't think that qualifies as a good reference.

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Thanks 2-N-Tow.! I have always had small, old Boston Whalers, 17' and under. I love this boat so far and have a ton to learn.


The hull seems extremely sturdy but all the extra equipment comes with a learning curve.


Do you know the replacement model of fuel sending unit I would need?

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Here is a link to the sender:




The S5U is the model for American boats.


To determine size, you will need to remove the current sender and measure the depth of the tank. The order length is 1 inch shorter than the tank depth.


That website also has a good FAQ page that describes the senders in detail.

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