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This opens up some good photo possibilities! Lets see what your creative minds can come up with.


Anybody looking for a coozy, send me a message and I will get one out to you. Got them in black or blue. Price...$1 each. Figure shipping to be $2 (postage and cost of padded envelope). Multiple ones can be packed in one envelope, making it more cost effective to get a few of them at one time!

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I am in on the photo ops!


Sending you my information so I can buy 4!


Edit.....you cannot receive messages is the message I got while trying to contact you with my address.


scottwheeler12 at SBCGLOBAL dot net

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Thanks Dan, payment is sent.


Will take pics of cool Long Island Sound locations throughout the year.


I forgot, blue please if you have enough.

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I received my coozies Dan and will make sure to post Long Island Sound coozie shots all this summer!

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