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Trolling motor on a 227

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I recently purchased a 2014 r227 with a Yamaha 200 fxb. I am very excited about owning this boat. closest thing to new I will probably ever own. I would like to put a trolling motor on the front bow. I am looking at a Minn Kota ulterra. I mostly fish salmon in the great lakes but will also be fishing on smaller lakes and want to avoid using the Danforth Anchor. Hence the trolling motor (anchor spot). This trolling motor will allow me to simplify the boating process in many ways but I am wondering if any one has experience putting a trolling motor on this hull. I noticed online (the hull truth) someone posted a riptide 101 st. 60" shaft configuration. I wonder if the shaft is long enough for lake Michigan waves or if I should move to the 72" shaft. the trolling motor will be used as my auto pilot, so its important that the head is in the water. also curious about battery configuration since this is a 36 volt trolling motor.


my other question for trolling. what is lowest speed the Yamaha 200 can idle at. I look to get in the 2.2 -2.4 range. how well does this engine perform trolling? Will I need to use socks to slow down. I do not like trolling plates, but may consider it.


Any advice would be appreciated.






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Congrats - You will like fishing out of it, I fish the Mackinac Straits with my 2006 powered by a Yamaha F250.


I do not have a trolling motor on mine - but from my experience my other boat with a trolling motor - I would say given you think their might be an issue - longer is better especially in waves assuming there is a way to deal with the length when stowed.


On trolling speed - in no current or wind - my F250 will get down to 2.5mph. I have found that fully lowering the trim tabs can knock off a couple of tenths.


I did have an issue with the Yamaha trolling in really cold water (not sure the ocean folks on this forum ever deal with that). For several years when the water temp was below 55 degrees - would troll for 10 minutes (about the time it took to get set up) and then the motor would overheat and alarm go off. Go inside our islands into warmer water and it would troll all day. Go out later in the summer when the water temp is above that - no issue - only in COLD water. Took several seasons of working with my local marina and Yamaha Techs. Yamaha of course advised water pump rebuild kits, etc. Never solved it.


As my tech here was installing another rebuild kit on the pump at the suggestion of Yamaha - he noticed that the tube from the water pump didn't have what he felt was a secure fit to the pump housing - was nothing wrong - everything was within spec - just 'wasn't how he would have designed it'. Happily he acted on that hunch - wound up adding an o-ring to tighten up the fit - problem solved. We think that the plastic tube fit was opening up enough to reduce water flow in very cold water. Test runs in the vicinity of the marina were done in warmer water and of course it took a while to figure out the connection of the issue to temperature. No idea if we just have pump housing with a loose tolerance or if this is unique to the F250.


Another tip: strongly advise you to not fill up at gas stations on the way to fishing. You do not want ethanol and you do want an additive like Yamaha Ring Free - especially if you plan to idle a lot. Find a marina that services antique wood boats and sells ethanol free gas - they will likely also include an additive like Ring Free. Over the long haul & out in the middle of the water - you will be far happier paying the marina premium for good fuel instead of the crap we are forced to put in our modern cars at the local gas station.


Have fun.


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Thanks for the heads up on the water temp issues, gas, and trolling motor. I will be glad if I don't have to use wind socks to slow down for trolling, although I hear that socks keep your boat more balanced and steady in the lake. I have trolled with several boats out on the lake, used buckets and trolling plate, never socks. Would like to get away from the extra hassle. we just got snow yesterday but I'm getting excited to get this thing in the water. Probably get out early may.





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I am also trying to add a trolling motor to my R227. I seen the set up you describe on the hull truth. After lots of research it appears I will not be able to retrofit a commercial bracket and I will need to have a custom bracket made. If you find an off the shelf unit please let me know.

Kilonen I have the same overheating problem in cold water. The marina rebuilt the water pump last spring and when the fall came the problem returned. When I had it winterized they installed a new pump housing. If it persists I will look into the oring issue.


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I have a 1995 2320. I am having a riptide ST 112 with ipilot (72" shaft/manual deploy) installed as we speak. We figured out a solution to deploy the motor without removing the bow rails (I think..). We are in the process of laying it out and installing it now. We are modifying the min kota quick release bracket RTA-17). I will post pictures when we get it installed.

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I have a R200 CC I had to add a plate to install the riptide trolling motor . I used a 3/8 x 6 x 18" aluminum flat stock .This let me install the trolling motor forward enough so it was not taking up any room in the Bow . It was forward enough to allow lowering it without covering the anchor locker. It lays on the side near the bow rail




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hello again, I did install the terrova trolling motor equivalent to the riptide 112 72" just not salt water version, you need the 72" shaft if you anticipate using this motor effectively with any wave height. I would not recommend using a 60" for this boat. I was going to install the ulterra but was advised against it by the install guy at cabelas. I guess Min Kota still hasn't got the auto deploy right. the worm gear is plastic and breaks leaving you with the trolling motor stuck in the water. when I was looking at getting one in early may, the cabelas install guy said he had installed five and removed 4 so far this year. cant believe they still sell the product. I guess they have already had one or two full recalls on this unit already. just a heads up to those thinking of going with the Ulterra. The terrova is awesome was able to use the spot lock anchor when watching the fireworks out on lake Michigan with the family this fourth it follows a straight enough line for trolling. I Installed it my seIf. bought a piece of marine grade 1/4" aluminum 8" by 16" It was easier than I anticipated. I did get the quick release, so I can take it off, which I really have no need to its out of the way completely. I put in three batteries on the port side? they just fit, I repositioned the on board battery charger and put on another three bank min kota battery charger, just to keep things separate. this might have been over kill but I am not a marine tech, I would have liked to have been able to just ad the third battery but didn't want to run into charging and starting issues with the main batteries. so yes I now have five batteries on the boat. Oh by the way I have been able to troll at speeds as low as 2.0 with the 200 fxb. perfect for reaching my trolling speeds for salmon on lake Michigan, and I have no waterpump, overheating issues, even in early may. water temps were upper thirtys low fortys if I remember correctly. I will get some pictures up when I get some more time.


Happy boating

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Finally, as promised here are some pics of the Minn Kota Riptide ST ipilot on my 2320 CC. I used stainless 1/4" marine toggle nuts to attach the starboard block to the top of the boat. I also used the RTA17 quick release bracket from Minn Kota, which makes the trolling motor removable.

The spot lock is pretty awesome for fishing rigs offshore. I also installed the on board DC charger which uses the high output alternater on my Mercury to charge up the batteries while running between locations



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