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Hoping someone has done this and can provide some help. I'd like to get the data from my Yamaha F150 to my Raymarine A78. Already have the A78 communicating via SeaTalk to EVO-100 autopilot and an autopilot remote. I started reading and found that it can be done, but once I started looking at things, it seems a bit more difficult.


The engine does not have Command Link, but I did locate what I think is the NEMA connector (blue and white wires on white connector shown in attached picture). However, without forcing it I couldn't get the connector off its mount. Anyone know how to remove it without damaging it? It's really tough to even touch the connector, much less move it.


Then, how do I get wires or cable to it? I can see how to route wires in the flexible hose up to the engine, but I don't see how to loosen anything to get the wires inside the engine area. Thought I'd ask before I start taking stuff apart.


Lastly, if I get a cable or wires connected to the Yamaha connector, is it all right to just run them as a twisted pair for 18 feet and connect them to a SeaTalk connector? I guess what I'm asking is 18 feet okay, and do I need to add any resistors or anything before hooking it up.


Never liked idiot gauges and that's all that's provided on basic Yamaha gauges(alarms only). Be nice to see engine temp, oil pressure, etc. so I can see if things are changing over time.



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