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Hi guys! Hope all is well with everyone. Mr. Robalo have was given a Florida Sportsman Magazine by the man I bought my boat from. I still mow his yard for him and he gave this to me. It's from September 1989 and there is a full write up of Dottie Q. I've read it and it was very cool to see all the changes you've made over the years. You may have a copy of this magazine but if you don't I'd be happy to mail it to you for your keeping. He also gave me a copy of the brochure for my boat with the specs. If you are interested in this material is be glad to send it to you. Just let me know. Thanks!!

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The Dottie Q is my boat and yes I would like it .PoPs has one copy and I have one but in storage with a large file of ROBALO things.

She was in the 1989 Miami Int. Boat Show and that's when Florida Sportsmen noticed her and asked me if they could do a Dreamboat article. I said sure. Then even before the show started the the president af YAMAHA USA approached me and he said I have a problem with your boat. You have a new pair of 90 hp YAMAHAS and you used our dual controls binical and Key arrangement that does not belong on there as they WON'T WORK. I politely said they do work because while at a boat show I took the wiring harness and wn taped and separated each wire by taping it on the wall making sure all the wires mirrored each other. Once that was done I took the schematics for the 90's and rebuilt the harness to acomidate them. The rest were marked and stored away. So he sent over 2 engeneeres and the went through everything clicking pic alone the way. He thanked me got my home address and said he will send me some YAMAHA Premium 2 cycle oil. Let's just say the pallet lasted for the first 10 yrs.

I'm restoring her now As I'm almost finished restoring a 1976 R190 to use while the other is being restored.i was going to post the article here but it says my file is too big but might have a friend that can show me how


Now about your ROBALO , are you presently using her? You can see most of the differnt componets about your boat on my restoration progress as I wanted to allow others to see how well we built a boat and if maintenance is done yearly it will last a lot longer. The only thing on the boat I don't particularly like is the rigging trough hatch ( causes more problems than it's worth) and the sloping console on stb side and that's why I made a shelf and put nonskid trays on it. I just this last weekend finished changing the 1" drains to 2" To help get rid of water from the decks. I'll have quite a few pics of it along with a LOT of others to post hopefully this week but sitting in courthouse as I have jury duty this week.

Thanks again and you can send me a E- mail /PM and I will give you my address .

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I'm in the process of restoring mine and it's taking me a little longer then I wanted. Before I owned the boat Charles who I bought it from had the boat for 20 years. He took very good care of it and that's why it is still worth restoring. I'm a younger generation and I'm trying to bring some new school be it technology and updates to her at the same time keeping it simple and clean. I've found a couple surprises as of late. At some point the transom was replaced. It was done very well the only problem I saw was a few blisters that have formed under the gel coat. I opened them up and all the surrounding gel goat is just flicking right off. I was picking it off with just my pocket knife. So I've realized that I'm gonna have to take it all off the transom. This isn't a huge issue because I'm gonna be painting the boat anyways. Just take some time is all. I'm also trying to decide if I should do a live well under my leaning post or put one in front of the center console. Plumbing would be much easier if I did the leaning post option as I plan on using the fish box for all the pumps and drains and stuff. And the wiring of the pump would be easier too. I'm trying to find a good live well. I wouldn't mind a poly tank but I would prefer a fiberglass one if I can find one with the right dimensions for under my leaning post. The great thing about this project is I have time. I'm not rushing it and I'm not cutting corners. All my buddy's are chomping at the bit for me to finish her but I want to make sure it's done right. I want this boat for a long time so if I improve her correctly she will be around for a long time. I'll send you a email shortly. Thanks

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Yes ,came in over the weekend . Thank you very much it is a treasure in the family. I think while I'm down for a while I'll scan it and post it. Didn't want it to come across as bragging when we started this cyber dock but most know me now some too well lol. As far as your project I'll help you any way I can to come up with a live well system to fit your needs. Start a topic under restorations and as your restoring her we all can see the progress as well as feedback.

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I'm glad you got it. And I will keep my progress posted as I do more. I've been busy as of late and haven't had much time to work on her. I have time. I'm not rushing this project. Thanks

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That's the Key to it. I've worked on the Dottie Q for about 2Yrs untill I got the 76 from my cousin. Worked out well as I couldn't do any more work on it on the lift. Well the 76 was only needed a lil TLC . That's the reason I said I would take it and only thing he asked is take him and his son-in-law fishing when he comes to Florida. As you saw it needed a lil not more than TLC but I don't knock a gift house in the mouth . I realize after doing all that work having it on the lift is a major problem with almost everything I went to do. But she is ready to go now so I will enjoy it with the grand kids for now. As far as the D Q I will start back up once we move to a house and can take my time and it will be a lot easier to work on it when I want and with my boys help too.

On your boat what types of bait and how will you use them ? I use to manafacture live well systems for a few years before Rule pumps cut me off as I was a competor to the vrs a vendor so got out of it and I did learn even more about all the differnt times and set-up in different parts of the country. I learned a lot prefecting the ROBALOS . That's how I finally talked them into putting a bilge system in them. This allowed us to instal a highspeed pick-up in it and build the rest of the system. The hardest thing on a system like your thinking about is the overboard discharge system and I have a few tricks for that too. So enough ratteling on just wanted to get a feel

Of what your needs will be .

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Hi John. Lets see if we can help you with this.


Did you just purchase the boat?


Did the previous owner have any issues with the boat?


How many people are on the boat when this happens? Is everyone standing at the back of the boat? If so, sometimes having one or two people moving as far forward as possible to get the boat "balanced" will correct the issue and allow the boat to plane off.


Is the motor trimmed out when this happens? Try trimming it all the way in and see if that helps any.


Is the motor working fine? What are the rpms when it is trying to get on plane?


Have you checked the cylinder compression? Low compression on one or more cylinders will not allow enough torque to be generated to get the boat on plane. Also, an ignition coil going bad can cause a similar situation....motor will idle fine but once a load is put on the motor, the coil cannot generate sufficient voltage to make the spark plug fire.


How deep is the motor mounted on the transom? With the motor trimmed in the running position, the top of the cavitation plate should be at least an inch above the bottom of the boat. Too deep can cause all kinds of problems due to excess drag.


What is the condition of the propellor? If there is any damage to the blades of the prop? If so, this can cause cavitation, which results in the prop loosing its "bite" on the water and the motor just revs up.


What type of prop are you currently running (aluminum or stainless steel)? Do you know the manufacturer and model?

Prop size may be a little small...thinking a 17" pitch may be better if there are no other problems referenced above.

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