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Heading to Alaska Fishing in Sept.

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Need to track down AIRBILL. He has made yearly trips up there and should be able to fill you in on anything and everything! If he doesn't respond in the next couple days, I have ways to find him :whistle:

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I would normally be up there that week but I'm bailing out on my trip to do some training. I have been going up 2-3 times a year for the last 15 years. We do the Silver Salmon run in September and the Kings in June. There is also some great rainbow and Dolly Varden in September! In fact pulled a 30" rainbow out of the Nak Nek river a few years ago In September.


Since your going Halibut fishing I'm assuming your staying in Holmer or Sword for that activity. Your best salmon fishing would be south of there on the Kenai peninsula and the Aleutians. Let me know your itinerary and I can offer some suggestions.


PS. Although bugs can be down a bit due to early frosts it can also get real cold in September on occasion so bring some warm stuff as well. Bring head nets and gloves for sure, better to have them even if not needed.


This is what a nice King Salmon looks like! 48 lbs of tasty salmon!



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Thanks for that Air Bill, head nets are a good idea..one thing I did not think of, thank you ! Yes, I'll be in the Homer area, and found a guide to take us around, will be both halibut and salmon fishing. Actually leaving in 6 days for 15 days of fishing then back to the boats here for a few weeks...then winter storage time. ( yuck) . Will bring back pictures. Nice Salmon, and now you have my mouth watering for some of the smoked stuff... :)




@ Scott's yott..... hahahaha !!!! :D

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