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'94 2120 CC w/ '06 250 ETEC & trailer

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Time for a change,,, my needs are changing with grandkids and gear hauling, weather protection also becoming a "must" and ramping/towing the boat isn't getting any easier as I'm not getting any younger.


I purchased in summer 2005 this complete 1994 outfit, with 200 Merc and Eagle trailer that "was" only used for storage. Repowered with the ETEC the following spring. I primarily use this boat for fishing Lake Erie and a trip to Georgian Bay Canada each year.


Boat was well taken care of before I got it and since also, very solid. Motor has less than 250 hours on the meter and the largest percentage of those are trolling for Erie walleye and Canada salmon. There was a "hiccup" in sept '08 when the motor blew (lost one cylinder) @ 109 hours, it was dealer/factory replaced with a '09 totally new top end power-head and I've had no issue since.....runs fantastic.


Not noticing many of these older boats advertised around the country doesn't allow one to get a handle on what a fair market price would be,, but hoping to recoup some of the repower cost...... I'm thinking....? $25,000.


Please direct any interest to tom5259@yahoo.com and I will answer any questions to your email address.



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