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Put In Bay, Ohio

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Put in Bay is one of our local islands, about a 30-45min boat ride away from where I live in Sandusky (near Cedar Point). It's absolutely the closest you'll ever come to Key West without going there. Island lifestyle? You got it. Anywhere, all day-all night party? You got it. Beautiful scenery of ALL types? All you can handle. Go fast boats? Lots of 'em. Sport fish, Mega yachts, and even ragged out old Sea Rays? All over. Robalos? Only one this past weekend :thumbsup: I've been coming here since I was a kid, and it's never a dull time. If you want to tour the island on a golf cart, relax at a good restaurant, party to 4am on a random boat, or drink yourself stupid at ANY different type of bar, it's there. Swim up bars, a bar shaped as an old pirate ship, multiple hotels, camping, public bath houses, grocery/general stores, stuff to do for kids, etc.


I've been there 3 times this year on my 2520; and went this past Saturday with my girlfriend, brother, and his girlfriend to party during the day and camp over on the boat. Nothing too crazy; it was so darn hot, but it's ALWAYS a good time.


I've attached a few of my many pics for your viewing pleasure...


On the way into the main harbor from Lake Erie; view is of the restaraunt "The Boardwalk," famous for seafood & Lobster Bisque



Found another Robalo on the island while on a golf cart ride! Robalos are a rare bunch around these parts...nice to see another!



You see ALL kinds of people and vehicles here; legal atv's, amphicars, buggies, and now monster trucks...



The perfect pair...I'll take one of each, please!



ONE of the amazing views. There is LOTS of very prime waterfront property here I could only dream of owning.



Remember that scenery I mentioned? They are elusive creatures...sometimes hard to get closeups...



Some of that real estate...



A nice Fountain. When it's busy here, they'll raft you 3-4 deep. I always come as early as possible.



If you come here a lot, you start seeing the same boats over and over again. This old scow was a new one!


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Yeah, it really is a blast! It's only about 30-45min away from me...maybe even faster if I felt like throwing fuel to the wind.


I went over again last weekend for a bachelor party, and PiB never fails to dissapoint. As soon as a few buddies left me at a table alone to go get more drinks, one of the 87 bachlorette parties swarmed my table. I'm not sure Amanda would've appreciated that...haha


One of our Homeland Security boats; the first I've seen yet with QUAD Verados! This thing moved out big time.




"The Beer Barrel"- longest bar in the world. It's massive, and always has a good band.



A 36' Deep Impact we saw over by Kellys Island earlier in the day. Triple 300 Verados. Don't care for the color, but I'd still keep the boat on my list...


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Guess when ya got the $$$$$$ you can get your Verados in what ever color you like...first white ones I've ever seen.


Being a "buckeye" also, I've been to PIB a few times and as IcutMetal claims,, it does not disappoint! As mentioned, and shown, the scenery is exqisite be it land or water and I recall on occasion, when the college crowds invade, shows of "toplessness" at some of the watering holes is not out of the question! Good times for sure. I may be 60 now but still young at heart and "I'm gonna look if they're gonna show 'em". :thumbsup: Oh the memories.


Haven't been there in many years, sold my Formula 242 in '03 and was before then I last visited. Don't fish the western basin anymore so I just don't get out that way, maybe once my wife retires we'll start taking some jaunts, we always had fun there.


Great pics, thanks for posting.

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