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Central FL Trip-May 2012

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Started the mini vacation on Friday, helping Lee and the CFOA group set-up for the captains party. This is a good group of people, that really work hard to make this tournament happen and it showed. Then Saturday morning started with an early wake up @ 4am, to get over to the coast in time for the tournament. It was a little breezy, which gave us 2-3' seas crossing the shoals. About an hour to our spot, which was 30mi. out. Lee rigged up the ballyhoo and trolled with 4 rods to start. While paralleling the weedline, the first reel started screaming, Lee grabbed the rod and quickly handed over to me. It was a decent Dolphin @ 15lb/42", for my first offshore catch. As I got it over to the port side, Lee gaffed with little effort and soon it was flipping in the boat. I was amazed how powerful they are, even after tiring some, that dolphin still flipped out of my grip.



Sunday was a little more laid back, heading over to Disappearing Island. This is where we saw numerous sightings of split tail.



I was amazed how well this pfd performed for it's size. FLTrip020.jpg

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Is that a red solo cup? :captain:



Sunday, Lee and I headed over to the intercoastal waterway @ Cape Canaveral to try some flats fishing. A short pit stop was in order to pick up some live bait. As soon as we headed in the front door, a loud ferocious bark came out from behind the counter. It was at that point declared he thought his shorts had just been soiled. Rosie called off the hounds and filled a bucket with some shrimp and crab, along with some inside info. on some honey holes for us flats newbies. Then off down the road to the ramp we went, laughing at what just went down.


It was little late in the morning for redfish, but managed to site a few, with little luck getting them to bite. After lunch, we anchored up under a bridge and started casting. I went with the live bait, as Lee flipped a black/silver crankbait. The crankbait proved to be the weapon of the day, as Lee pulled in a nice sea trout. He handed the rod off to me and rigged another one with the same color set-up. We managed to bring in a total of 6 sea trout, ranging from 16-20". During all this, a good size manatee came up to the boat to visit with us for about 20min. Lee was able to pet his head on. This was indeed a gentle giant.



That night, Chef Lee and Kathy cooked up a feast of that days catch, along with a delicious dinner.


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