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Shakin and Bakin

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Well as Dan said Boat payments come in many forms and this trip to Argentina and Chile went a long way to off set any push back on the recent R230 acqusition.


We spent a couple of days in Buenos Aires then flew to Mendoza (Argentina's Napa, at the base of the Andes) for a couple of days of wine tasting and hiking. Then off to Santiago where we based a lot of day trips out of to wine taste, shop, horseback ride and hike. Experienced our first earthquake, a 5.1 (the next day just after we left a 7.2 hit, grateful to be out of there!)


Here we had spent the day hiking to the base of Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside of the Himilayas. Its base is just about 14,000.ft. Great weather! Its fall down there. This is a 3 hour drive into the Andes out of Mendoza.








These fossils just facinate me as we are at 14,000 ft and this was under water once!! Trying to keep this nautical!





Life boats come in many different shapes and sizes!!






For those of the few out there not very weather savy, this is what we do not want to boat or fly in LOL. I was amazed to hear grumbling around me that we were delayed....they apparently have not flown in that stuff before






Off to Mendoza for some great Vino!






They had fish there but fishing was frowned upon!







Next stop Santiago! Sunrise over the Andes from our room. (stayed where Obama stayed when he was down last month) nice property but service was spotty at times for the price of admission.






Chile is in general more advanced and organized the Argentina making getting around and doing most anything easier. Headed out to the coast, Vina Del Mar. Reminded me how much I wanted to be on the water!






Contrast in different worlds...






Around town, we stopped by the track.








Really enjoyed getting back in to the Andes, this time on the Chilean side where we did some epic riding. Renewed my "man card" here by walking my horse along a 1000' cliff. Of course my wife did the same so it may not carry to much weight lol. The horse's amazed the hell out of me that they acended the terrain so well and hardly broke a sweat.











Overall a great week, mostly because I got some quality time with my wife. Home for a few days then off to Florida to do a week with the kids....God cheap boats are expensive!

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I warned ya! But look at the bright side....that was was a very nice trip you guys got to take to someplace different. Oh, and the man card thing; somebody must have forgot to tell ya that thing got cut up and tossed in the trash when you said "I Do" :yahoo_rotfl:

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What do you mean Dan, your's got cut up at " I DO " wtf2.gif


That just isn't right ! I just can't believe that happened to YOU ?


Well I still have mine ! Yep and anytime I need to use it :thumbsup.gif


All I have to do is ask her if it still in her purse. LOLyahoo_rotfl.gif

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You guys are funny!! :yahoo_rotfl: Yeah, I either have the best wife....or she's having an affair :yahoo_think: LOL. Well either way I have a nice boat project!! :thumbsup:

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I learned real quick that the day I proposed to my wife, there were only two words that really mattered....YES, DEAR. Once I figured that out, life returned back to normal and I was back to most of my old habits. Funny how marriage works, and the day I figure it all out will be the day I check out :whistle:

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