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Repowering a 1993 2440


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Nice clip, they're purring nicely! :thumbsup: Don't forget to make sure the engine height is correct @ cruise and WOT is in the upper part of the range. That way you can get to motors moved up if needed and possibly swap out props while the install is still fresh.


My link


Thanks... Great reminder... I have to take the boat back for the first service at 20 hours....

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I have not re-powered my 1996 yet so will be following this thread to see how it goes. I currently have carburated 1996 Mercury 225 engines which were the originals. I like having the 225 horses on there.


I have been told as mark g suggested that if I went with the Mercury optimax engines I could use the same wiring harness, gauges, etc. I did some checking on the weight of 4 strokes and just could not see adding the additional weight of two of them to the transom. It would be the equivalent weight of me sitting on top of the current engines when the boat is in the water. That just puts the stern down way too low.




What kind of top end do you get with the 225's, I have 150's and get 40 mph

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I have the original 1996 225's so I do not push them too hard any more. When the boat was new and the bottom was not painted I could get up into the mid 50's. As I recall I saw 57 at one point running by myself on almost smooth water. I have really not tried it lately. Bottom painting slowed it down and so does a full tank of fuel. There is a lot of weight there. I found a note in my log when I filled it up at the marina back when it was new in 1996 and paid $1.60 per gallon. Now $4.89 at the marina. Times have changed.

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I have a 1999 2440 with a single merc 250 efi and looking to repower with twins.

I have located a used set of 2012 200hp mercury verados with 200 hrs on them.

What size (Shafts) engines do I need to get?  25inch or 30 inch?


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