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Easy Lobster Boil

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Made this on Saturday night in anticipation of a long time before we could enjoy a good hot meal cooked at home.


1 bag multi colored baby potatoes

3 1-1 1/4lb lobsters

1 lb raw shrimp

3 links of chorizo

1 Roasted Garlic Chibatta Bread

sea salt


Directions (this is where it gets complicated) :yahoo_rotfl:


Take a large pot and add several inches of water and a "good amount" of sea salt and add potatoes.

Next, wait for the water to boil and set timer for 25 mins.

Once the timer gets to 15 mins, add the lobsters.

When it gets to 3 mins, add the raw shrimp and chorizo.

When the timer beeps and reads 0, take out the lobsters and put them on a platter.

Take the remaining contents of the pot and pour thru a LARGE strainer to remove the water.

Take contents of strainer and put it in a LARGE bowl with a LARGE serving spoon.


Serve with bread and enjoy!


Me, my wife and two stepdaughters left the table STUFFED and feelin good about the impending cold & darkness!





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Going to do this today (for Thanksgiving) but am using cherry stone clams in place of the shrimp (or maybe both). :thumbsup: If the wife gets upset I'll send her your way. :whistle:

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