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Lee ,

Heres the WAHOO SALAD recipe I was talking about from the cookbook I wrote with Cheryl. :wub:



This is my disclaimer : :shutup: I will not be responsible for all the WAHOO you catch having to be made into this salad and some how people showing up on your doorstep wanting to partake in your salad. Do not mention this to anyone as the fleet :captain: will be following you all day trying to mooch some. B)




[b]" Sammy Joe Style "[/b]



2 or 3 pounds of Wahoo fillets (poached,in water and a lil white wine if handy do not over cook)

1 medium Validia onion chopped fine ½ cup of celery chopped fine

3 dill pickles or dill pickle relish 2 tablespoons of sweet pickle relish

1 teaspoon dry mustard ¾ cups of Hellmann’s mayonnaise

4 hard boiled eggs chopped juice of a ½ lemon



Poach Wahoo and let cool. Do not over cook.

Mix in a bowl mayonnaise, lemon juice and dry mustard and salt and pepper.

Mix celery, dill pickle relish, sweet pickle relish and onions into the flaked Wahoo and add the dressing and mix well. Then add the chopped eggs and Fold in the Wahoo mixture. Season to taste.



NOTES: The best way to enjoy is to pack it in pint size tupperware containers packed in the cooler :shiftyninja: and have a large bag of FRITOS® Original "SCOOPS " Corn Chips and a ice cold beer standing by. :beer:

While trolling with all 4 rods out siting on the leaning post you pull them out and start scooping out that

lip smacking dip and enjoy each overly filled chip one at a time and before you know it 'it's all gone. :devil:

That my friend is truly a slice of heaven. :punk:








>> Sammy Joe and Dottie’s Special Notes: This is a special recipe that is a sheer delight to the palette of anyone. Thank you for sharing Grand Ma Fran.

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