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Rubrail Restore?

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Anyone care to buy into a spool of 7/8 inch polyester rope for a new rubrail insert? I can only find this material in a spool of 600 feet. Since I need 45 or so, I can do 14 boats. If no one wants in, where can I buy 13 19 foot boats so none goes to waste? Anyone have some of this?


I have tried Lowes, Tractor Supply, West Marine, Denver Rope (very cool stuff he has), New England Rope, Industrial Supply West Coast Rigging and on and on.



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West marine wouldn't sell it by the foot? I know its not on their website but if you go to the store itself they have it.


My store has 3/4. Will you please call your store for me? I am inland and not convinced there was a good search. Better yet, give me the number. I will call. Bigger water means bigger rigging. Better chance. :innocent:



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I have a Lowes Home Improvement by my house and they sell it by the foot. If you get desperate I can pick it up and mail it to you. :D


I wound up buying nylon in 7/8ths from West Marine. It has a trace. :thumbsdown: Is the material at your Lowes polyester? I might just use the the nylon around my bollards for cushioning if so, and take you up on the offer.



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