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Wrong Oil Added!!


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I need help.

I just realized that I poured a whole gallon of mercury DFI optimax oil into my reservoir for my 1999 Mercury 250 EFI engine. It ran fine today but I am getting nervous after reading other posts and mercury website> Should I just pump it out of there and replace with quicksliver?

Or do something else? Has anyone else done this?

Please advise.



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I don't know much about it but I know myself I would drain out as much as you can because I know myself I would second guess myself forever. With that being said I would "Macgyver" something to use a shopvac on. Like putting coffee filters between the hose and and the canaster. Using a pointy attachment fill it with 4-5 filters and then lay 2 filters over the hose end before sliding the Atachment onto the hose. This will trap the remaining oil

Inside the stuffed filters and the other 2 prevent them from being suched into the canester. It may not catch all of it but after you drain it there should only be a little left in the system and will make cleaning the shop vac a LOT easier.


Just food for thought

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I don't know how it is with the Merc oil, but the BRP oil (XD-50 and XD-100) is compatible with the older technology engines that run XD-25 (or the Penzoil 2 stroke, Castrol 2 stroke, etc). As long as it is TCW-3 rated, it should be fine in that motor. You can pump it out with a cheap hand pump or turkey baster, if it is known to cause problems with different Merc engines, though.

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