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Sammy Joe gave me some home made seasoning a while back and it is great! :D I use it on fish and chicken and salad. Sammy.....you have got to share the ingredients, or if its a family secret :o lets bottle some up for some members. I kid you not it is very good stuff. :D

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I am just running out of my first batch I got last year... and then I remembered that there was a secret compartment in my florida fishing bag... what do you know.................... another batch :D


Well I even got a back up batch in a vacuum sealed bag my last visit. I found out where Sammy keeps it. and it resembles a 5 gallon pail.


Won't tell ya where he keeps it though :D

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Thanks guys I have been making it for 20 years way before Emerald came on TV. I made it up so I wouldn't have to take all my spices with me when I cook at dock parties and outings with the kids ball-teams. It can be made in large batches. I usually make it in a 5 gal bucket. You say you want the recipe well.



opp loosing connect i o n

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