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Marine Wiring Colors

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Marine wiring color code by Mr. Robalo


Thanks Sammy Joe!


Here is the Standard Marine Wire Code Table that you can use to wire the panel with.


Red Constant Hot

Black Ground

Purple Key-on Power

Yellow/Red Neutral Safety

Tan Water Temperature

Dark Blue Gauge Lighting

Pink Fuel Sender

Gray Tachometer

Light Blue Oil Pressure

Brown/White Trim Indicator

Brown Bilge Pump

Green/White Trim Down

Blue/White Trim Up

Green/Orange Independent Tilt Down

Blue/Orange Independent Tilt Up

Yellow/Black Choke Circuit

Yellow/Red Starting Circuit

Black/Yellow Ignition Cut-Off

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Thanks for the info. I was going to clean up the wiring on my console.

Now I"ll know whats what.

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Look for some stick-on wire-tie holders. :wtf: They are square and you can run the tie-wrap veridically or horizontally. They will help give you a way to run wires across a area change direction etc. and have it anchored. B) Problem is they will come loose when it gets really hot in there so I put a dab of 4200 (look for the toothpaste tube type a lil more $ but handy as a shirt pocket) in the center and once dried it is STUCK. :iiam:

On bigger bundles you might want to have some metal/rubber coated ones to screw in where applicable.


On wires I might need to move from time to time I buy some Velcro straps (Wallmart next to bungees). I use them for everything now. They also work good on wires to bundle when first laying out the wires once run place the holders on ty-wrap and remove the Velcro to use on another project.

(don' t let the admiral see them or you loose them for sure.) :shiftyninja:

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Well, after last years stern sinking. (bad bilge pump float switch)

It's time for a some new connections under the rear hatch.

Mainly, supply for the bilge, baitwell,and wash down pumps.

The wiring harness still has a part # on it, but there is enough slack to cut out 12"

on both sides of the plug.

My worry is the salt corrosion wicking back through the copper, farther than 12".

Any suggestions?

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See what it look like once you cut it back. Make sure to solder the new joints for a good connection. When I had to repair some of my wiring, the copper was tarnished(black in color) and wouldn't tin(even with rosin core solder, flux, etc.). By spreading the strands apart and soaking in Lime Away, then use some fine sandpaper, I had clean copper to solder to.


That's why using tinned wire is recommended for marine use, cut's down on the corrosion.

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