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I’m back!

mark g

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Well, after a couple years of not owning a Robalo, it looks like I may be coming back into classic Robalo ownership! 
A couple years ago, I sold my 1990 R2660 and bought a 30ft Scarab Sport.   We enjoyed that boat but it just wasn’t “it” for our family. In September of 2022, we sold it and promptly purchased a beautiful Luhrs Tournament 320 Sportfish and have enjoyed the heck out of it so far.  
So, where does another Robalo fit in here?  Well, all along I’ve always also had a small Whaler for knocking around. Now that our big boat is too big for me to run solo or with our 8 year old, the little whaler has to go to make room for what I thought was going to be a small (18-21’) center console. 
I’ve looked at several R1800’s and a R2020 very much like my first Robalo but hadn’t found “the one.”  A couple weeks ago, we were at the shore when I spotted an 80’s Robalo parked in the driveway of a boat repair shop. I didn’t think much of it because it was bigger than I wanted (it’s a 2520), there was no for sale sign and I haven’t seen it listed for sale anywhere. For about a week, it kept nagging me that I should at least ASK about it so I sent the owner of the shop a text. 
Turns out one of his friends bought the boat strictly for the motors and it is for sale along with the trailer. I’m in the midst of negotiating with the guy but it’s starting to look inevitable that this is the one.   I’ve even already found a pair of motors for it….
If it’s not this one, it will be another Robalo so I figured I would make my return to this great site! 
once she’s mine, I’ll start a thread. It won’t be a rebuild as the hull, transom and floors are in great shape. This will be more of a “restorative detail” to make her beautiful 

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Welcome back Mark!

Congrats on finding another project boat.  Looking forward to see pictures of the progress.  I hear ya about having a beater boat.  We have an old 13 ft commercial well boat I bought for next to nothing 20 years ago.  Moved the transom to the back of the boat and cleaned up the 25 hp Johnson.  That boat has racked up more runtime than the other boats combined (dad's and mine).  It is kinda like the old Timex commercial about takes a likkin' and keeps on tickin'.

Now if we could get a few more of the "original gang" back on here like before, that would really bring the forum back to life.

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I’ll do whatever I can to help keep the content coming. These boats deserve a solid online “home port.”  I do have a couple PDF brochures I bought; 1988 and 1987. How can we get them uploaded into the brochure section? 

Maybe we need a “classic Robalo owners” Facebook group to help drive people to the website?

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"Robalo Boats USA" is us on Facebook and we have been there since May 2009.  That group has picked up a lot of members in the last 5-7 years and currently has over  2,200 members.  We actually beat the Robalo Factory to Facebook by 7 years and at the time thought our name was a good reflection of the group.

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