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Wet foam coffin box 1976 19ft center console

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So I removed the floor hatch above the tank to see if there was wet foam surrounding it, there isn't but there is wet foam weighing the boat down throughout the hull, can I just cut the sides of the inside of the coffin box out to access more wet foam to remove it or will I be cutting into stringers ect, how can I access the wet foam in the floor around the coffin and rear of the boat?TIA for any advice 


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Also is where the holes drilled around the coffin just areas filled with the foam? Or is that to see the structure/stringers? All I see there is wet foam hoping to cut and remove foam from those points ...

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Hi Ryanmod -

I believe those holes you see around the coffin area were used to inject the foam between the hull and cap. To check for the stringers, push a metal rod down the holes along the sides of the coffin box and I think the stringers should be either directly under them a few inches below the cap/deck.  I don't think you will find a stringer under the holes in the front or back of the coffin box and should be able to push the rod all the way down to the inside of the hull.

After confirming with the metal rod no stringer in the front or back, I would recommend cutting a panel and try to leave at least a 1 1/2" flange for re-glassing it back in place.  Once removed, you will get a better idea of where the stringer grid is located.  


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