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Mounting Bracket for Trolling Motor on R207 or R200 at Stern


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Last Fall I posted a question regarding adding a kicker motor on my 2013 R207. Since then I have abandoned that idea. I have now decided to add a 70# thrust Trolling motor to the stern. There isn't enough room on the transom so I need to add some sort of a bracket to replicate the thickness of the transom.

Here's my thought: There is an angled surface right above rub rail on the stern that is about 4" to 5" high that is the width on the boarding surface on both sides of the motor. I would use a piece of oak hardwood about 2" thick, 8" wide and 8" high, and angle the inside surface to match the angle on the transom at the bottom so the outside surface is true vertical. I would use another piece of oak about 1" thick, angle it, and then use that on the inside of the hull. I would then drill through the 2", through the 1/4" thick fiberglass hull, and through the 1" angled piece inside, and then thru bolt the pieces. Plus a whole lot of 3M adhesive. And for good measures, add an angle bracket from the top of the 2" piece down to the top boarding surface. SORRY FOR THE LONG WINDED DESCRIPTION!!!

The reason for the trolling motor is not for fishing but for an emergency if my 150 Yamaha dies. I am boating in the upper Chesapeake Bay and like to go to lunch at a restaurant on the C & D Canal in Chesapeake City where may large freighters and tug boats pass through. I want to have the security of having a way to get safely out of the channel until Boat US can come a get me.

Has anybody ever seen something like this? Any other ideas? Has anyone put a trolling motor on a R207 or R200



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Have not done this, but something to consider is to mount it on the bow.  I know you say it is not primarily for fishing, but if you got it, might as well use it for fishing, too.  I also think mounting options would be better and it will be more out of the way when in the stored position on the bow where as you would have it in the main traffic area if at the stern.  Biggest challenge for the bow mount would be installing batteries and wiring.

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 I actually had the socket extensions planned to try and install a kicker and like you, I determined that finding a place to safely mount one was going to be difficult. I think I agree with Dan that the bow might be better, but it would be unsightly. Regardless of where you'd mount it, battery placement will be an issue and you'll have to do some work to ensure they stay charged and don't unbalance the boat.

Good luck and let us know how it works out. I've gone out 80+ miles in my current single engine boat and worried about loss of engine, but I only do it on really nice days with other boats within radio range. Due to some family health issues I don't think I'll be heading out that far again anytime soon, but I have kicker plans in place for this boat if I get to head out there again.

And here's something that might solve the issue much more simply if you can find or make a mount.  https://www.epropulsion.com/spirit-evo/  It's not that heavy, portable and easily recharged. Wouldn't help me as I'd need a lot of distance capability, but it could be just the thing in your case.

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