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Here is a HEARTY WINTER SOUP that was passed down the family tree. My version is my grandmothers original recipe that was taught to my MoM and me. When I make it I always have to bring some to my family members as this is one of our family's comfort foods. Don't let the large quantity scare you on this one as it goes away fast and is one of those dishes that are better the next day. (I often double it during the holidays for make ahead meals) It freezes well I just make the noodles fresh and spoon the soup over them with FRESH grated Parmesan cheese and use home-made Italian garlic bread toasted for dunking and a garden salad with a lite vinegar-et.

From my family to yours..... :captain:





Sammy Joe’s


12 Quarts Soup-24 Servings



2 lbs. of smoked ham diced 1 ham bone if possible

3 49.5 oz chicken broth 1 or 2 large bags of northern beans

1 lb. sliced and halved carrots 6 sliced celery stalks

2 cans of northern beans 1 large can of diced tomatoes

2 pkgs LG frozen chopped spinach 4 large onions diced

Garlic to taste 1 lb. Mueller’s twists pasta

Parmesan cheese 1 tablespoon basil, oregano, bay leaf

Italian seasoning to taste 1 glass wine to taste




Soak beans over night. Dice all vegetables and ham. Sauté a hand full of ham, add onions in oil. Add the soaked beans and slowly add chicken broth bringing it to a boil turning down to a simmer, until beans are almost cooked. Approximately 2 hours. Sauté all the vegetables and ham, about 5 minutes adding 2 cans of purified beans (2 cans of northern beans pureed). Blend in Italian seasoning, garlic. Simmer an additional hour. Add tomatoes and spinach cook for another hour.


Cook pasta a la dente’. Put pasta in large bowl, top with soup and sprinkle Parmesan on top.


NOTES: This freezes well. I let it cool and put it in quart size Zip-lock bags. This way all you need to do is make the pasta. A quart will feed 2 to 4 people with the pasta.





>> Sammy Joe’s and Dottie’s Special Notes: Crank it up a notch by adding crushed red peppers or Tabasco sauce. Tastes best with Mee-Maw bread. Enjoy! ! !

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I know this is an old thread, but I just stumbled across it and it brings tears to my eyes. As a kid, I remember my GrandDad would make this and we loved it. My Dad also made it once in awhile but he passed this year and had always refused to give out any of his 'secret recipes', of which this was one of the favorites. Now I have it. THANKS! ( ...I mean 'grazie mille')



BTW, I still have a basil plant (they get huge and bushy, and I keep cutting it back over the years) that I got as a cutting from GrandDad's way back when. Adding some of it to this recipe will sorta close the circle.

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