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It was a little smokey cooking them.


But they turned out ok. :devil:


Dry Rub: 4 cups - BROWN SUGAR

2 TBL. Spoons- SALT


4 TBL. Spoons- PEPPER




PREP. Peel or cut off sineuy layer, on bone side. (If your in a hurry just put a slice thru the layer between each rib. It lets the rub flavor in. )


Blanch ribs in 4 cups water, 1 cup white wine vinegar. ( Boil in a wok or pan 5 min. each side ) You may need to add more liquid as you go.


Let ribs cool, drain & dry for 30 + min. on a baking rack with cookie sheet under them.


Apply dry rub to both sides.


Cover with food wrap & let stand for 1 TO 3 hours.


COOKING: Over charcoal, with TABASCO OAK wet wood chips for smoke. ( or alder, etc.)

Cook covered about 45 min. to 1 hour @ 300*

Turning every 5 - 7 minutes ( Don't burn them )

Remove from the grill when ribs are 150* in the meaty part.

On a platter or large bowl, cover ribs with foil. Set aside to finish cooking, for 10 - 15 min.


NOTE: The vinegar starts the meat decomposition, and that tenderize's the ribs. It works on any type

of ribs.

I also cut the cooked ribs up between the bones, so there easier to serve and eat.

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RIBS Loves me some RIBS and those look like they could go to the top of the class too.





You need to try a place On Fairbanks Just off I-4 east one block . 4R's

They also have great slow cooked brisket. Went by and picked up some different items to share for our Christmas eve dinner and everyone loved it. Take out only (you can eat outside too) Quality food at a quality price but definitely worth it.

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4R's is great....but nothing can match B's BBQ from from way back when on Minnesota just off Orlando Ave...I miss it dearly.


I would have to agree, B's was the best. I will have to give 4R's another try, my brother and I ate there the first week they opened and both of us felt sick. I think that they were over crowded (as all winter parks food places get at lunch time) and the food was pushed out to soon. It's only about 6 blocks from my business so I am sure will try it again soon. On the other hand Pacos mexican restaraunt is right there and DAMN the food is GREAT.

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I tried Paul's method a few days ago...kinda rushed it and only cooked them on the smoker for 2 hours (I prefer 3 minimum), and they were excellent! I think the parboiling does make them work much easier. I cheated and used some store bought rub and only left it on there for an hour...next time I think I am gonna let it sit overnight. My father-in-law liked them so much he has already bought another rack for me to cook this week.

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Dan, I've had the same reaction.

People keep buying the ribs for me. lol

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  • 4 months later...


Barbqueing Ribs and Oysters this weekend.[

attachment=1742:DSC00016.jpg] B)


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The weather has been so balmy, ( 40's & 50's ) I'm fireing up the 55 gal. drum for New Years day ribs.

I'll be thinking of all of you, in the snow & cold. :)D

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Good luck fishing!

Grilled some Tuna Xmas day, night.

Its been a long time for fresh Tuna.

Do you ever catch Tuna at this time of year?

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Tuna out of Port Canaveral? Only if you have a boat and balls big enough to make the 120 mile run out to the buoy and the 120 mile run back in seas that aren't real pleasant this time of year. If we are lucky we can catch a small blackfin, but for yellowfin it's a long long long haul.


I will make the trip one day but it will have to be the right conditions and more like late spring, early summer for that.

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We have a "trying to close" Commercial oyster farm here.

Its decades old, and no one in the family wanted to take over when grand dad retired.

The State told them. "If you close up, you have to clean out the whole bay, and return it to pre oyster conditions"

So..... We still get some great, sweet, cold water oysters, all summer long.

The shells are thick enough, to just put them on the grill until they open.

Then add your favorite deu, and eat them right out of the shell.

Yum oooo!

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20 lbs of Babybacks for Sunday football.

I've tweaked the rub just a bit.

You really need to try my recipe.

Two more new people. " The best ribs I've ever had"



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