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New owner of 2000 Robalo 2020


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After owning a bowrider for 20 years, and admiring Robalos for the last few, I finally got what I think is a good deal on a clean year 2000 model 2020. (It's a bit of a pain because when I search for "Robalo 2020" I get results mostly for boats built in 2020, not that model #). It has, I believe, the original 150 Merc 2 stroke on it which also seems solid. 

It's a nice, solid boat, with good lines. It rode really well the couple of time we have taken it out so far. 

I'd love to find more information on it: specs, tests, literature, etc. Does anyone have anything to share?




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Hi David and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, the most recent information we have on the 2020 is 1993.  While Brunswick owned Robalo (1993-2000), they did not have a digital copy of the specs we could link to.


Don't be shy about asking questions and we will see if we can help either here or on our Facebook group (Robalo Boats USA).

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