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  1. Hiya folks! I’m down in Venice, LA, and recently picked up a 1998 Bayhunter with a Mercury 200XL. She’s had some neglect but overall this is a really sweet little boat! I lost my electronics while out trip before last - no Lowrance or marine radio, no bilge pump or livewell. (I‘m thinking bad ground) Thankfully we’d determined on an earlier trip that bilge stays dry with plugs in the floor drains (one leaks but plugging it with a rubber plug kept bilge dry.) Next trip out we lost the trolling motor and didn’t have spare fuses and motor sucked the primer bulb flat (we’d sensed some trash in the line with occasional bogging.) All the joys of ‘sussing out’ an older boat! Batteries and bilge pump are new, and everything worked prior to getting on the water. I hope y’all are fishing while I’m sussing!
  2. Started this on fri and really tore into it today. Was unsure about how to pop the cap off. A bottle jack in the bilge area ,a few hours of prying and a lot of hillbilly ingenuity did the job. Foam removal was a lot easier than expected. Stringers were rotten and removed. Managed to save enough of the old Transom to hopefully make a template for the new one. Thinking of replacing transom and stringers with marine grade ply but open to opinions and options. I was reading vinyl ester resin may be the way to go? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi all, Am new to the forum and new to the boating world. I am from Mauritius, a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean for those who don't know. So am looking into restoring a Robalo 2440 which has been sitting for several years. I need help as to where on the boat is the hull id located? Find attached some photos of the boat Appreciate any help Cheers
  4. First time on this thread. I just bought a 1977 230 Robalo center console. I got a great deal on the boat, trailer and motor. The fiberglass all around looks awesome and the transom and floor seem solid. I had about 8 gallons of water I siphoned out of the fuel tank which I think originated from the sending unit which had to screws stripped with standing water over the top of it and water still coming from the foam. After I replace the sending unit I plan on doing a pressure test as I've read on here, but I'm not really sure how that's done? It looks as if the tank was replaced before, since it has a metal plate over the area where the chairs were with a new bench? I've done alot of looking on this site and have yet to find any pictures of any boats my size and period with the tanks and coffins open? Is this boat self bailing? Is there a drainage system below the deck? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have for me. Cheers, Eric
  5. Hi all, Picked up an 84' Robalo 2660 walk-around with twin 06' Evinrude 150 DIs. Boat was a flower pot but at $2k with at least one working motor and about 100 hrs, the deal was sealed. Deck is in good order, but cabin is trashed. Transom warrants further inspection but rot is expected for a 30+ year old boat. Pics and project sure to follow. Any comments on the hull/ motors? Seems like it would be way under-powered for a 26' cuddy, but I'm in no rush. Hoping to learn lots here. Cheers from Bermuda!
  6. I have recently purchased a 1 owner 1997 Robalo 2320 with a 1997 Mercury 225EFI (900 hours) on it. I want to go through it and replace everything on the hull this year and re-power it next year. I can't find any information on the following items that I want to replace: Baitwell pump Washdown pump Bilge pumps Gauges Fuel tank sending unit Nav and Running Lights I would like to replace all this with new equipment and maybe even the wiring and switches. Can anyone help? I will post pics for everyone as soon as it gets back from the graphics guy. I am having new Robalo graphics put on it.
  7. Hello forum, thanks for having me. I was just gifted this original 1970 R190 19ft center console Robalo and I'm trying to find out its market value. The deck and stringers were done recently but they didn't bother to install a access hatch to the tank and bilge. The bait well needs to be replaced and the center console and sweats need to be screwed down. The deck needs paint. The running lights need to be fixed. The 175 Evinrude runs good and isn't that old but it's running very rich putting out too much unburnt oil. I just rewired the trailer, had one new tire installed but need to replace the other one. Trailer in decent shape. Boat needs new bottom paint but the topside look great. I know very rare and sought after because there are so few on the Internet. I can't find any serial numbers on the transome and don't have a title for her. Thanks for any info you can share with me on these great old boats such as value and how I can verify the year and model. Cheers, Dickie
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a 1999 2120 Robalo with an Evinrude 150HP. We went through everything, needs a major cleaning, lower unit of engine needs to be replaced(found millions of metal pieces-very tiny- in the lower unit oil and on the magnet plug. There is only one red flag that we see. The HIN number has been scraped off and a new one was put on. It was a very poor job, you can see the paste that was used to fill the hole. The guy were buying it from said it was like that when he bought it and hes had it for 6 years. I did some more research on it and it turns out that serial number is for a Wahoo Boat. (HIN NUMBER BELOW). So what should I do now? Can I call Coast Guard or the police to verify that it isnt a stolen boat and that HIN number is the correct one? It is registered b y the way and he has all the titles too. We are making the deal Tomorrow or Tuesday so quick answers are appreciated. HIN NUMBER: Thanks.
  9. Hey All! Just picked up a Robalo and figured I'd get in on the Robalo Community! I've got a 1988 R1800 with a '94 Suzuki DT140 EFI on her. In pretty good shape, but I'm a little neurotic, so I'll probably be painting her this fall after I get a summers worth of use out here on the coast. I own a CNC woodshop so I'll probably be doing some custom wood b/c the teak on her is a little beat up, so stay tuned for that! Does anyone name their Robalo's? We just had our first daughter and her name is Wendy Jane, too tacky to name 'er that? Looking forward to chatting with you all!
  10. Up for sale 1977 R200 Restored 2012 F150 Yamaha . 175 hours I bought this boat shortly after it had been painted with just a t-top here is what as been done and added, all done from 2012-2014 new Awl grip paint not perfect small imperfections full transom added porta bracket new f150 Yamaha 4 stroke brand new 2012 "I average on about every fill up 2.75-3.5 gph" completely rewired 2 clarion 10" subs 150 watt amp 2 8" lawrance speakers clarion am/fm aux cd radio vhf radio 45 gallon lean to live well plumbed the correct way 1100gph rear under back deck turned into bildge are with 2 bildge pumps both with auto feb 2014 sea dek on entire boat t top with electronic box 4 rocket launchers teak redone feb 2014 not perfect boat is old and all original push pole " yes I push this boat " we fish deep in the mangroves 1-2 miles back front of console turned into insulated cooler cushions complete front deck, center console seal , lean post seat seastar stearing tilt wheel dual batteries in console Im sure there is something im missing , we use this boat a lot didn't build it to sit , it is kept under a pole barn since I had it done. This is the second motor I have had on it so I have put about 200+ hours on it since done . The boat easily will run with porta bracket in 12" of water . floats in about 14" , with a 4 blade prop take off in 2' currently in 3-4' . Top speed 45 with current prop. I built this boat to have around for a while I believe I am the 3 owner the guy I bought it from had it for 16 years, how ever I am planning on getting into guiding and looking for a tower boat. Please if you have any questions please ask , only thing the boat could use is gps/depth finder they both took a dump on me this year both lowrance dash mounted, and the trailer needs a rebuild I only go 6 miles each way to the water so I haven't bothered. Price $28500 obo
  11. Hello all! I am new to the site and to boats in general. I am considering buying sord of an "all around" type of boat and I like the 20-22' walkaround fishing boats. I have been looking around in marinas around my area, asking questions and looking for a decent quality and decent price boat that I can purchase. My brother who lives in Costa Rica owns a 21" cc polar for about a year and is already looking to upgrade to a 26" WA so he can better accommodate his family of 5. I will not be using it every day during the season and my 2 boys are 7 and 9 so I think a 21' would fit us perfect. Anyway, this coming Sunday I am supposed to be looking at an original owner 1996 2140 Robalo with the original Mercury 225HP (guessing not fuel injected and unknown hrs) 2 stroke engine with no trailer. The boat is stored off season and power washed/ cleaned and under coated (whatever that means) and put in the water from April to Oct every year. Owned by a female who says kids have grown and has no more use or time for the boat. She said the toilet hasn't been used in years so there is no saying on wether it even works. All cabin cushions are missing but other than that in "very good" used condition. It has a hard top and dual gps/fish finders. I guess what I want to do is take advantage of your vast knowledge and also know what to look for when I go see the boat on Sunday. Also if there are ppl here that own or have owned 2140's it'd be great to hear your opinions on this specific boat, know how choppy is the ride, are there any know problems with this particular model/brand and also any good or bads that you may know about them. Owner wants $7K which seems fair based on what I have seen on the Internet and at marinas so far. Boat is located in NJ Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Just bought a 2013 r207 with a Yamaha 150. I use it in the Northern Chesapeake, Bohemia, Sassafrass, Elk and Susquehanna river areas. I have mostly used it for wakeboarding, skiing and tubing with the family so far but am looking forward to switching over to fishing now that the weather is changing. It does a great job at pulling all 225 lbs of me right out of the water on the wakeboard. We had the ski tow bar installed and it does a great job of keeping the line out of the water. It's also a really convenient grab bar when climbing up the ladder on the stern. I have had a few minor electrical issues that my dealer was great about addressing. My gas gauge started reading empty all the time, my horn blew out and my radio would turn on and off irregularly. My dealer just replaced all of them immediately and at no cost obviously. Other than that, I have had no issues. Overall, I am really happy. I did add a stabilizer to the outboard and it pops right up on plane without losing any top end speed(top end is 43 mph). It also really helps with porpoising when following or going against the tide and when crossing other people's wakes. I like the heaviness of the boat. It feels a lot more stable and seaworthy than most of the 20 footers I've been on. There is lots of convenient storage and the seating is comfortable. I noticed for 2014 that Robalo upgraded the seats with the fold-up leaning bolsters and an extra set of cleats in the middle instead of just the two each fore and aft. I had my dealer install an additional set of cleats amidships for spring lines and for a solid place to attach bumpers at the dock. The bolster seat would be nice as I hardly ever sit in the captains chair, I usually just stand. My last boat was a 22' Baja with the 454 that cracked the 60mph mark even in chop. With my new boat, I was nervous about whether the Yammy 150 would be beefy enough to satisfy me. I'm sure I could put an High Output Evinrude 200 on there and get well into the 50's, but 43 mph is plenty for what we want to do with a family fishing/skiing boat and the engine is quiet, efficient and reliable so far. Looking back, I have no regrets about the choice of motor. I think it is perfect for the boat. Good luck and happy boating to everyone. Glad to be here.
  13. 85 Robalo

    R1800 Running

    From the album: R1800 Robalo

  14. Alright! Thanks to the advice given to me by several members, I pulled the trigger on a new-to-me 1993 Robalo 2120 w/ a 90's 200 merc offshore (i haven't sorted out the year of that beast motor yet)
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