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Found 10 results

  1. While I was cleaning my boat on a wash rack another R207 was put on the wash rack next to me. Of course we got to talking and the owner asked me if I knew how to solve some problems he had with his R207. Made me think maybe I should put these on the forum in a single document (many are already here, but in different places). Anyway, here are some of the 'improvements' I've made to the boat. Note, these aren't all my ideas. I've got a tackle box holder to mount under one of the aft seats that's out in my garage. It will be on the boat later this week. Got this idea from a forum as I did w
  2. Although the R207 is a good compromise between a fishing and family boat, it needs a few things to be a better fishing boat. I've already added rod holders forward but I needed some for use while docking. The V-lock system makes a V-lock for a 2 inch pipe which fits nicely on the ski tow. Since it's V-lock I can also remove the rod holder when using the ski tow, so it's not in the way. Decided I could use the V-lock to have a removable cutting board too. Wife's happy (always important) that I have what I want, and it can be removed so it's not in the way when the family is aboard
  3. I've seen the pictures and videos of underwater LEDs on lots of boats. Over 90% appear to be for looks only. The reds and the blues look good, but from what I could find they have limited fish attraction. It seems from reading that the green should be good for fishing, so I got 1 green light to start with. I'll add the second one if the first one seems to make a difference. Robalo's lack of access to the bilge area made it a bit more difficult, but it wasn't hard to install and wire it. Now I'm ready for some warmer water and night fishing.
  4. I know it may sound a bit strange for a 21 foot boat, but after putting lines out yesterday in a stiff breeze I wished I'd had an autopilot. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced autopilot that will work with Sea Star hydraulic steering and a NMEA 0183 / 2000 GPS? Best I came up with was a Raymarine EV-100 at around $1500, but from what I read I'd have to purchase a NMEA converter to get the NMEA 2000 to work with their proprietary NMEA (why do we have standards if every vendor uses a proprietary version?). With someone else on board I usually can get out 5 lines on troll, but by mys
  5. Today while waxing the boat I found a loose screw on the forward storage lid (fish box). Found out the lid is fiberglass encased wood. NONE of the screws had any caulk and water had gotten into several of the screw holes and one was now stripped out. The boat is only a year old. I did what i could to dry them out, then properly caulked the holes and replaced the screws. Hopefully that will stop the damage, but I am concerned. The marina was closing, but on my next trip I'll check every screw on the boat (hinge screws, bimini supports, the two rod holders I haven't replaced,etc.). I suggest
  6. Well, the weather looked right. NOAA said the waves would be fine. The auto pilot was working great. And, I'd heard the stories of blue water less than 40 miles offshore with dolphin and tuna. Put lines in about 30 miles offshore of Virginia Beach. Water had been gulf blue for about 5 miles. Within a few minutes had a little tunny on board. Fun to catch, but back into the water for the next fisherman. A few minutes later landed a dolphin - into the cooler. Then two lines start whining. I judged which was the bigger fish and added a little drag to the smaller fish. Mistake - broke off the l
  7. I noticed too much water is getting into the bilge on my R207. Found out the storage areas under the chairs drain directly into the bilge (no simple way to redesign that) and that water is leaking into the center storage due to the lack of gaskets around the hinges and the latch (see picture). I plan to put some gasket tape there (2 inch wide by 1/4 thick). Figured I'd ask what others have done before trying the tape.
  8. Finally took delivery. Trying to get it ready for fishing/boating season - and to make myself familiar with the new boat.
  9. I am looking for a used 2013 or 2014 Robalo r207. I live in central Florida, but will travel any where in the US if the price is right. Please contact me if you want to sell.
  10. Just bought a 2013 r207 with a Yamaha 150. I use it in the Northern Chesapeake, Bohemia, Sassafrass, Elk and Susquehanna river areas. I have mostly used it for wakeboarding, skiing and tubing with the family so far but am looking forward to switching over to fishing now that the weather is changing. It does a great job at pulling all 225 lbs of me right out of the water on the wakeboard. We had the ski tow bar installed and it does a great job of keeping the line out of the water. It's also a really convenient grab bar when climbing up the ladder on the stern. I have had a few min
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