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  1. Last week, the "Beast" was fired up and the pickling was burned off, It took a while because the battery was a little low after 6 months of storage and had to be charged. Today, Hour 2 of Break-in routine still a little slow getting it started and warmed up but it ran for about 2 hours and charged the battery up nicely. Performance is better than expected. Best Speed with this 2 stoke is going to be 4000 RPM's and 32 MPH and expecting around 3 1/2 miles per gallon which translates into a range of 212 miles and expecting the top speed to be around 44mph. It was barely making 30 with the old 150. Meanwhile the teak wood trim is getting stripped and readied for oiling.
  2. Not Robalo Related but... 26 and 15/16" Puppy Drum caught near Ramp 30, Salvo, NC May 5th on cut shrimp and sand flea fish bites using a bottom rig with 4 oz pyramid sinker.
  3. Update: Here's a picture from Dec 22nd, 2021 showing the installed cowl with new decals.
  4. OK here's the newly mounted Evinrude 200 xp. Can't wait to hear it fire up and smell the aroma of burned 2 cycle oil and gas.
  5. I think it was about 200 feet. Caught them on the boat's old TLD20 Shimanos. The last ones were a double and were a load to pull up along with 2 lbs of lead. The boat was the Carolina Girl out of Pirate's Cove.
  6. Here's some tilefish that we caught off Oregon Inlet North Carolina. We caught about 10 of them and vacuum sealed and froze them. Very tasty. Also, we caught some throw back black sea bass at the Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel near Newport News, VA October 2021 on the 2018 R200. Not much size to them but we were catching 2 at a time and must have caught 50 of them.
  7. This is my new to me R200 that I bought in July.
  8. It's been finished with paint no gelcoat yet. Update: It's taken a little longer than expected to get the Engine. John Tiger's talented wife Laura who does the paint and clear coat work has seriously injured her hand and they are dealing with that as well as a backlog of outboard rebuilds. In the mean time, I'm pumping out all the old gas from the tank and taking off all the teak and stripping varnish off of it. Pictures of the 2018 will be posted shortly on an appropriate thread.
  9. Looks like a great project boat and free is good! I rode in a new one back in 1983 in a fishing tournament here in Virginia Beach at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. At the entrance to the harbor at Hampton Roads there were large wakes from the ocean going tugboats. It handled the wakes great and was dry and smooth. Twin carbureted 140 hp Evinrudes provided ample power. Twin 250 Verados will satisfy your "need for speed" at top end and give you a good economy and ample speed at 3400-3600 rpm crusing speed. Here is the U.S., we are pretty much stuck with a maximum of 400 horsepower due to outdated Coast Guard and Insurance guidelines. Please, Please keep us posted and "Keep on, Keeping on"
  10. So it's time to finish this project up. I visited Islamorada with my stepson in March and caught and released my first hogfish as well as grunts and some smaller panfish. I liked it so much we returned the week before memorial day with youngest daughter and her husband. Again we fished the headboat at Robbie's and caught tons more panfish and a triggerfish and a margate. In June we fished out of Pirates Cove in Manteo NC on the Country Girl, a 57 ft sportfisher that holds 30 passengers. We caught 50 lbs of delicious Tilefish and cryovaced and froze them and have gone through most of them for family friday night fish fries. In early July, an ad appeared on Craigslist for a 2018 R200 at a reasonable price in Roanoke Rapids NC. It is pretty box-stock/plain jane but only had 55 hours on it and had just had 100 hr service. It was too good to pass up and it came with a trailer. So now the 2018 boat is dry stored indoors and the 1980 R200 sits on the 2018 Coyote trailer. The new 2021 aluminum trailer that I bought back in January was still untitled and I was able to sell it on Facebook marketplace for what I paid for it as the price has gone up over 10 percent and the wait time has increased too. A guy in Chesapeake is finishing up the transom this weekend and it's going to the outboard man John Tiger next week. I plan on using the 1980 as my "keys boat" and leave the 2018 here in Chesapeake. Here's a photo of the new coosa transom under repair.
  11. Is this it? Sorry for the low resolution and I couldn't find the third page.
  12. UPDATE: The corners have been dished out. They both came out in one easy piece but water soaked and heavy. Here's a photo of the pattern made from thin plywood and glued using the trusty Ryobi 18v glue gun.
  13. The splashwell is going to be raised slightly and I'm going with ball scuppers to keep excess sea water out. The back of the well where it attaches to the skin of the transom is separated. I had to remove that part of the transom because it was all uneven and bubbly from the previous owner's repair. The guy at Eastern Burlap said everyone is delayed getting materials. I was on the waiting list for 2 weeks. The "Bluewater 26" coosa comes only in 3/4" and 1" thickness. Was originally going to laminate a 1" and a 3/4" together but it would have been too tight of a fit. The new plan is two 3/4" to make 1 1/2" and fill in the difference with biaxial cloth. The old core was 1 5/8".
  14. Here's a pic of the transom after hogging out the damp plywood. I'm thinking about going a little higher on the corners so that the stern eyes are incorporated into the new coosa transom. I've back ordered the coosa from Eastern Burlap in Norfolk VA . The splash well will also need to be redone and raised up a tiny bit.
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