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  1. The last video I linked to was Bertie Higgins "Key Largo". The compelling saga of a 38 year old singer on a late 70's Robalo R190 with a 17 year old high school girl. Certainly creepy by today's standards but no big deal in 1982.
  2. Hydraulic steering it is but I'm going with the Evinrude Blue instead of the gray. My first Robalo ride was on an early 80's 2520 with twin Evinrude 140's. The sound of them cruising at 4000 RPMs was intoxicating!
  3. Yes all your assumptions are correct. Pistons will be new. includes 2 coats of zinc phosphate primer, 2 coats of sealer primer 2 coats of enamel and 2 clear coats. I'm liking the smoke gray Johnson color. The rigging is extra but he's reasonable on price too. He'll drain the fuel tank and fill with 10 gal of new fuel, and oil, test run on boat, in water for 1st 45 minutes of break-in and set factory idle, timing, shift and throttle adjustments. The 10 gallons of fuel will be premixed with oil, while the VRO is being initially tested. This sound like the best option. He can get it done in
  4. John and Laura Tiger rebuild 2 stroke carbureted outboards. I saw their ad in a free fishing magazine and called and he called back with an offer. I googled them (actually Duckduckgoed them) and found only 5 star ratings. He's also written articles for Boating magazine and BoatUS. Have you heard of him? They will rebuild a 20" 90's vintage Evinrude in 200 hp configuration using the larger 3 liter block not the smaller 2.5 liter and give a 1 yr warranty on it. It comes with a new oil injection pump, new decals and a choice of 3 colors. This will be about 1/3 the cost of a new 4 stroke. I'm ab
  5. There's a nice marina at Pirate's cove in Nags Head at the Manteo causeway and it's near the channel that leads to Oregon Inlet. You should be able to pick up some Sea mullet, Croakers and Flounder there. There are a bunch of beach rentals there with slips. It's a short drive to Jennette's Fishing pier which was has beach access with bath house. The water in the sound near the soundfront beach houses is shallow so you'll have to find out the depth at low tide if you choose that option. Beware of soft goundings on an ebbing tide.
  6. "Resto" I just bought a R200 from 1980 a couple of months back. You mentioned the plug located near the "vee". I found this plug on Amazon for the garboard drain to go in the threaded drain on the stern near the keel. It's a real gem. You can tighten it like a thumb screw, with a #2 philips screwdriver through the hole or a 9/16 wrench.
  7. UPDATE: OPERATION SLUGGISH PIG The 1993 Evinrude 150 is gone. I guy from NC bought it last Saturday off my Facebook marketplace listing. I was able to get $500 over the NADA book for it. There's a listing for a mid 90's Yamaha Pro-V 200 hp on the internet, a three hr drive from my house. I'm hoping it's a fresh water engine. It comes with cables and wiring and the price is in line with NADA average retail. The Cushions came out great. Some of the hardware is going to need to be replaced. Is Perko the original equipment manufacturer for Roba
  8. The center console seat has been restoredI Next up is the sun top.
  9. The seller must have wandered off or sold it. No reply yet. No Problem. I've got 5 months to find a repower. I'll put the existing motor on Craigslist or FB Marketplace and see if it moves. The console cushions are ready for pickup. The original vinyl had double pleats in them that is no longer readily available. The new ones will be single pleated. The new garboard drain plug arrived from amazon and has been installed. The new windshield is on order. It's smoke grey. One way rabbit hole? I can quit anytime!
  10. An Etec 200 has turned up online. It's 2 hrs away. I think it would be a good upgrade for my first gen. R200. from the 93 150 Evinrude. Description is as follows: Evinrude 200HO model number E200DHXSUC. Around 1000 hours. 200 HP. 6 new fuel injectors. New computer installed 1 year ago. New fuel pump installed 1 year ago. Tilt and trim 1 year old. 19 pitch 3 blade stainless steel prop. The transom would need rebuilding to 25" but it needs a little glass work done anyway. From what I understand, the 200 HO is basically a detuned 225 and 250hp where the regular etec 200 is a souped up 150hp.
  11. OPERATION SLUGGISH PIG - 1980 R200 Center Console Episode II: The Reckoning Launched at Great bridge lock park. Forgot to put the drain plug in the bait well. drained the bait well by putting boat on plane. Gravity and suction of the open valve took care of it. Next came sea trials. Test Date: Nov 10, 2020 Centerline Length: 19'5" Beam: 96" Motor: Single 1993 Evinrude 150 Propeller: Michigan Wheel 14.5 x 15"P 3 blade Stainless Load: (Est) 3220lbs Speed: at 4000 rpms 24mph at 4500 rpms 28mph at 4800 rpm 32mph. Still a little on the slow side but did pick up 200 rpms. I don't r
  12. OPERATION SLUGGISH PIG - 1980 R200 Center Console I started this topic in a different thread but this one is more appropriate. Took this boat out for shakedown a week ago and it would not go over 4600 RPM's at WOT. The prop was a beat up aluminum one. Dan recommended the information on this thread. I was able to raise the cavitation plate up 3 holes (2 1/4") to a little over an inch above the keel line. This morning, I found a like-new 14.5 x 15 stainless Michigan prop on my front steps. (a gift from the ebay fairy) and installed it. Looking forward to another sea-trial soon. S
  13. Saw that on Facebook Marketplace. With a newer gas tank $3000 is a great price. Someone will snap it up for sure. Might have to wait until spring.
  14. The weather is suppost to clear this weekend so I'll give it a test soon. The 15 1/2 x 15 prop that is on it now is a beat up aluminum one. The boat also came with a 14 x19 stainless. Today was trailer shopping day. Budget Boats in Chesapeake carries new aluminum brand name Venture Trailers. Rob from there recommended a float on bunk model. Still can't believe I'm going to spend more on a trailer than on the boat's hull! But that can wait til April.
  15. The Case of the Sluggish Pig: The old trailer jack trick worked fine, got it done just before the rains started. The motor height is now maxed out at the bottom slot. I gained about an inch. The cav plate is now even with the keel. To get another 1" to 1 1/2" , I'll have to drill new holes and seal up the old ones.
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