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  1. Dan,

    Thanks for answering on old site. I had gotten an e-mail saying someone had answered a post I had made. When i signed in, thought it was the new site and that was why I PM'd you. Finally realized it was the old site. What a shame to have it go down like that but you, reelplumber and mrrobalo have did some great work on it. Must admit it has been a while since I was here but glad you are still keeping it up.  Glad to see reelplumber still on here even though he has that monster Viking.


  2. Get the trim tabs, you will love them
  3. Happy birthday Lee(reelplumber). Looks like you are having fun in CA.
  4. marlinchaser


    Well, crap Lee. Sorry to hear of you ailments. And sorry too that it is forcing you to sell your Robalo. I've used yours as a guide as to what may happen to mine, Here's praying your surgeries and recovery is a complete success.
  5. You should know that you are the envy of about everyone on the forum!! You are going to love Robalo as all on here do. As you can tell, we love boat porn, eer pictures!! Enjoy.
  6. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy Robalo boating year for 2014.
  7. Dan, Went on a 2 night charter the end of July and 12 of us brought back around 800#'s of yellowfin tuna. Got some great eats in the freezer; just had some a couple of nights ago!! If the winds would cooperate, a friend's brother wants to make an overnight trip to the rigs (about 75 miles) soon before it turn's too cool. Roger
  8. It gave her a good tussle but she managed on her own with the help of sitting on the casing platform and the right bow railing.lol.
  9. Probably our next to last snapper trip for the year, Grrrrrrr. Nice mix of endangered red snapper, vermillion, and a few others. At least didn't break a rod this time lol. A lot of the ARS's caught up top behind the chum bag. Working well for us. Largest red (16.5#)caught by daughter of my fishing buddy, on the bottom with a large dead shrimp.
  10. http://raymarine.ning.com/forum/categories/fishfinders/listForCategory?categoryId=6492755%3ACategory%3A805&page=3 Here is the Raymarine tech forum site where you can find a bunch of info including what Iwrote about above.
  11. It doesn't matter when/where it is made. Call Raymarine, send it in, they will repair/replace free of charge until 1 Jan 2014. Had mine replaced and it was a 2008 DSM. Something is wrong with yours, as before I sent it in, I was getting compliments on how great a picture I was getting of the bottom.
  12. I wish I had taken time to weigh it better. I found out the Alabama record is only 69#s. I would have liked to see how it stacked up against previous catches.
  13. Believe it or not, I have been using Okuma Avenger 65A and a Coronado 65A; both with 65# braid on Andre rods. The reel on the rod that broke is a Daiawa with 50# braid and was the first time I had used it.. I have had the Okuma's for 5 years and have done nothing to them except washdown each time out and kept oiled. ( the mack was caught on the Avenger 65A). I had an Okuma 75 have the bail break and it was 4 years old at the time. Tried to have it repaired and was told there were no replacement parts for the bail.
  14. Fought 2-3' out and 3-4' seas back from one of our favorite spots 17 miles out. The boat can take it better than I can these days!! Anchored up and immediately started catching a variety of fish; triggers, vermilion's and a white snapper. Started a chum bag of shrimp heads and set out a cigar minnow on a drift line. After a short while, one angler lost a nice endangered red snapper right at the boat. Set out the line again and this time I grab it and about 250 yards of braid goes tearing off the spinning reel. Finally work it back to the boat and see this huge fish circling under the boat. Ease him up and a guy gets a gaff in him and takes two of us to pull a 5&1/2 ft monster king mackerel into the boat. My scale only went to 50# and was reading that much with some of the tail still on the floor of the boat; so maybe 55#? I caught another 3 nice snapper on the drift line. Another cigar minnow goes out and another long steady run. 30 minutes later and after one circle of the boat and with about 50 yards of line still out, the 65# braid parts. It had been chaffed through by fish; maybe shark. Out goes another spinning outfit with 50# braid and I try to grab a bite of sandwich and I mean one bite as the new spinner goes crazy. After another long fight, the fish is straight down under boat and I'm not budging it. The new rod was just too limber to move whatever it was (probably shark again). I finally give rod to another angler as by this time I've had it. He promptly breaks 3 ft of tip off (lol. same guy that lost the snapper!!) Now with the shortened rod maybe a chance to see what it is. No such luck as it comes unbuttoned!! Is there a pattern here!!. Of course during this hour fifteen to hour thirty time frame no one else is fishing so we end up a couple of snapper short of a 4 person limit. It's getting close to 1PM and the seas are really building and I say it's time to head in. But all in all a good fishing day but a crappy boating day. (well, I was going to put up a pic and the site says "you have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments"!! Thought captain's members had unlimited space????)
  15. Yeah, one was 27" at 12 lbs and the other 23" at 9lbs.
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