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  1. the capacity plate was unreadable
  2. Done for now. Just a reminder of where I started. I didn't complete the foot rest as planned but there is always next year.
  3. No compass. Were never far enough off shore to need it and i had to remove it to get in the garage in the winter. With all the GPS and amp under the console it wouldnt be accurate anyway.
  4. the console is not very heavy the fun of rewiring. New dash panel mocked up. my acrylic didn't arrive on time. Bottom painted and back outside. All that remains is to install the finished panel and the windscreen
  5. Thanks for doing the under appreciated work of an admin. I'm happy to contribute content and enjoy everyone's posts immensely. I find inspiration in the work others do and when I'm behind schedule there is always someone deeper in the weeds than I to make me feel better. Lots of sunny weekends ahead for all of us!
  6. Progress from this weekend. I had the console faired pretty well and ready for paint Awlgrip 545 primer Found a few pinholes after the 1st coat to fill before the 2nd. Lots of sanding to get ready for the finish 3 coats of awlcraft 2000 oyster white. Im really happy with how it turned out. One sag and a few imperfections but overall it will look perfect to anyone but me. here is the helm mounted before drilling for the steering Wheel and throttle mounted and ready to go. Next weekend well mount the console in the boat and finish up the wiring.
  7. Going with the gps centered on the wheel. Just ordered a piece of black acrylic for the panel. Still have to prime and paint... gelcoat isn’t cutting it. tic toc goes the Memorial Day clock!
  8. Yes the ply is covered in glass. I wanted something solid to mount electronics too behind the dash. Cleaned up my glue joints, ran the edges through the router table and got a coat of varnish on. Only 20 coats to go!
  9. 2 coats of gelcoat. i also bonded a piece of ply on the inside of the console to hold electronics etc.. teak cut for the pod. 1st glue up cut so the grain flows from one piece to another you can see the sides here for a dry fit before gluing up after glue up ill round the edge with a 3/4 bit in the router table 2nd glue up for the sides. 1st coat of varnish on the old trim in probably 15 years.
  10. Progress is never fast enough! waxed up and ready for glass 3 layers of chop strand 2 layers of mat and a final layer of chop strand taped in from the underside I still need to tape the seams from above Put my helm pod back on to confirm it still fits. still considering if the gps should be middle with the gauges on the left or center the gps on the wheel and put the gauges in the middle. This is the teak i will use for the helm pod. Now i just need to repair my Jointer and make sure all my fences are true. See you in a few weeks!
  11. this is my mold... Ill fille the screw holes and corners with bondo and then coat with a few coats of mold release wax. the plan is to make it about 1" over size grind the edges and then use fiberglass tape to secure it in place when were done.
  12. Looking for some coosa board or something similar. 1/2 inch thick. about 1'x4' the place i use for cloth and resin will only sell me a a 4x8 sheet... I need to replace the wood that is glassed into the bottom of the console. All the screws have worked the holes to the point that nothing was holding. thanks!
  13. Its pretty flat... to the point that i feel that 12 may be too much. I guess i need to measure it
  14. After looking at all google has to offer i cannot find the actual deadrise at the transom for an early 80's 2020. id like to get a through hull transducer and wonder what angle i need thanks!
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