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  1. 2-N-Tow, thanks for the list. I ran thru most of these items with exception to sea trials. While doing the visual I found some suspect issues with the transom that i was hoping to see of its a common issue with on this model. Either way, I have already been in talks with a shop for a transom rebuild and have a survey set for the week after next. I was just hoping for some insider info from previous/current owners on other "gotchas" to focus on. Thanks again for the assist!
  2. Greetings, we are in the process of buying our first Robalo year and make above. We are going to have it surveyed/inspected in a few weeks bit am looking for potential hot spots folks have seen issues with in the past with this year/model. I have already noted issues with the transom, lower bolts inset from the glass allowing the motor tilt back a little to much causing cavitation plate to touch transom with slight bowing aft. Already working with seller to adjust the price for transom repair with a very good local shop. outside of that all looks great for its age. I was just looking for other folks experiences. Thanks very much ahead of time.
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