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  1. Thanks 2-N-TOW. Will give that a try next time I stop by the boat yard.
  2. I purchased a 1978 23 foot center console last year. Previous owner did all the work himself on this thing and not one screw matches another, the worst and most unsafe wiring situation, etc. just terrible workmanship. They replaced the fuel tank at some point in the last five years and holy cow what a nightmare. The tank was taking on water and nearly destroyed my outboard. When I had the tank removed for replacement, it was discovered that the previous owner had moved the sender from the front of the tank to the middle and used a spare piece of aluminum and some glue to cover the old hole. Of course, sloshing gasoline broke down the adhesive and the "cover" fell off; this allowed a huge hole in the tank and that took on water. So I am having a new tank made, but I noticed that they fiber glassed over the old drainage hole in the coffin. The guy doing the work for me wants me to "contact the factory" to figure out how to re-plumb this coffin. You can nearly see through the fiberglass repair though. But, I can't find a drawing anywhere online. Hoping someone here could help me. I want to drill a small hole into this fiberglass repair and then open it up to whatever diameter the original hole was. My question, is there a drainage pipe that goes out to a scupper in the transom? Or does this hole just open into the belly of the boat?
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