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  1. Thank you! It's a process 😁
  2. Hey FullThrottle, Thank you! The one on the lift is already sold, I was second in line in case the deal fell through. The one on the trailer, I called the morning it showed up but it had already been put under contract the day before the listing even showed up. I am in line again in case it falls through but low probablity. lol
  3. @2-n-tow Thank you! for your response, I might have to contact a Fort Lauderdale Robalo dealer as the one here for Fort Myers did not really respond to me, maybe becuase I didnt want to order a new one lol
  4. Looking for a 2014-2018 dual engined 247 dual console.
  5. As many of you know, finding a used Robalo is tough especially since I am looking for a specific boat: post-2014, 247 with dual engines. My question is, would it be helpful to call a ton of dealers and leave my wishlist? Obviously a lot of work and was wondering if anyone has done this with good results? Of course I am searching all the boat sites several times a day but just this morning a boat popped up only to call and find it sold the same day of the lot so of course the websites are lagging in posting the listing. Also, is there a "Wanted" section here? I didn't see it but that doesn't mean much :) Thanks in advance for any insight or advice!
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