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  1. Nice project, I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Is the transom still strong or is it going to need a new one?
  2. Thank you for the info, very helpful. I was able to test drive one with a transom mounted 225 hp. I messed around with the trim tabs a little while on plane but the boat seamed like it was a little heavy in the bow and tabs only made it plow. When you throttle up and come up on plane do you have the tabs all the way down or in a neutral position? Do the tabs help keep the bow down if you put them down during takeoff?
  3. Thank you. Still looking. Any idea what the wet weight of a 2160 is with a 225 hp 2 stroke? What size trailer should I be looking for? 5000 lb capacity? 6000? more?
  4. Thanks 2-N-TOW! Nice job on modifying the transom on your boat, turned out great! I have been looking for some videos of the older Robalo's but cant find many. Do you know of any good running videos of a R2160? Since you have one, whats your opinion of it running in average conditions?
  5. Hello Everyone, Just started a new membership here. I have been browsing information on older Robalo's and this looks like a great site. I really like the early 90's 2160 and the 2140, if you have any info on them I would like to hear it. Info like the difference in the ride, towing, and hp recommendations. Anything else you think would be helpful. Thank you!
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