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  1. Thanks for your help! Yes it was really corroded and full of holes. I finally got it out. I used my small electric dewalt chainsaw to cut all the foam out around the side, then lifted it out with a pry bar.
  2. Hey All! This is my first post (except for the introduction), so not sure this is the correct forum, but here goes anyway. The previous owner of the boat complained of water in the fuel. I pulled the deck cover off, and exposed the fuel tank. Sure enough, it had a whole in the top (about the size of a bullet hole). The tank is encased in foam, and the foam is saturated with moisture. I pulled the foam off of the top of the tank to fully expose it. I started trying to remove the foam around the side of the tank, and its also completely saturated with moisture. Is it possible to pull out the fuel tank ? Im guessing it sits on top of more foam (which im sure is saturated as well). Any tips on removing the tank would be appreciated. Also, is all of the saturated foam a major problem ?
  3. Hello, I just purchased a 1976 20ft Robalo! Already started the restore, pics coming shortly!
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