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  1. thank you for answering my silly questions , its now crystal clear .i promise no more draining questions . for a grease monkey its smooth sailing going forward . i will start a new build thread to post updates .
  2. so i have done some working & cleaning today , if everything just was easy as it seems in youtube videos , raised the front the boat ,plugged the front storage and compressed air in the coffin box hole a tiny amount of water came out ,the boat seems in solid shape ,who ever done the splash well done a good job .other than the fish box hatch which is driving me crazy .the foam inside the black hatch (the 6th picture in my first post) is wet and it seems the water has no where to go . i am sure the whole thing was done in the US before the boat was shipped to here. with comp
  3. i had a family member who used his locker key to open and use my car , i didn't mind it , but it was still annoying. i still have a new fuel level sensor for the bug , the vdo 73-10 so today its going in the tank.so robalo will have some bug parts . i removed the floorboards ,number 5 which all the rigging go through . and the fuel tank .(am a new boater so my excuse the lack of my proper terminology ). they are getting a fresh gel coat this weekend so it easier for me to spray the rest of the deck. fuel tank is new am thinking to use one of those rubber floor mat with hole
  4. i also owned a 73 1303s , those are memory makers ,other than the first VW ride sharing program (any key open & start them) ,slow & slower wiper speed . they are great cars , i bought it as a sleeper project (ej20 swap) then just enjoy it as is . As for the boat i ordered some stuff & looking for an engine .once its done i will post some pictures .
  5. first of all , your really welcome to visit me anytime after the panda flu .my offer doesn't expiry . Am not upset at all , am so retro i prefer a 49 bug or even 89 Caprice over a Tesla . am kinda confused other than the dirt and leafs from the nearby tree . the boat aged better than i do . i searched google and 80s hulls had " brown wood " gunwale, i only have fiberglass (like 8th picture of my first post ). so do i need to improve something or just enjoy it as is ? it already came with a new SS fuel tank/fill & vent hose installed,new bimini (not even installed
  6. your welcome to visit , am offering you a free tour and a fishing trip . you know my email whenever you want! am not into diving but they submerged an Eco-friendly 747 just before this current "flu" ,there are also a lot of shipwrecks nearby. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/boeing-jet-underwater-park-bahrain/index.html there is a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/FishHD/videos , this guy posts good quality diving/fishing videos around here . The HIN :SLK912120280 today i will start to poke around the boat
  7. hello 2-N, Am from a nice island in the Arabian gulf called Bahrain , its actually a group of islands .very great for a recreational boat owner or if you are into fishing , you can boat most if not all time of the year . temps are 20-50 c ,winds/waves little to none . no lack of fish ,diving sites , pearls , etc.. . Fuel is cheap as well, but outboards are not . we also have the world largest underwater dive park divebahrain.com . i am a new boater ,i don't know why i didn't start earlier, i started by purchasing a waverunner ,but found that i need something more fam
  8. after anther inspection i found two drains in the transom , but still cant figure the drain system. and i dug some of the foam with long screw driver , its fully filled with foam . its wet inside , but the boat has been out of water for at least a year and it was raining the past few days .
  9. Dear 2-N, Glad to be part of this community , living half away around the world from you guys made it harder for me to find a proper American boat . So this boat is a keeper for me. the paint job even looks better in person ,everything is painted over a blue metallic base with flakes so it looks even better with some sunshine. thank you for handrail fitting . i couldn't find it locally . if by the fishbox you mean the section number 9 , its a great idea to convert it to a cooler ,its above 45 c during the summer ,so if its not gonna cause any leaking issues i can use
  10. hello everyone , i just purchased a robalo 2120 i think its 1996 (reg. here to get the years wrong sometimes around here ). i bought it this way , i kinda like the paint job even though my family call it the sponge bob boat , i think to keep it this way for a few years. it was powered by 2x150hp 2s Yamaha , am planning for a single 200-250 2stroke something . Am a first time boat owner ,but i own a couple of pwc so i know a thing or two but ,but the plumbing on this thing got me confused . i need to replace the rear plug , i searched the forums & it seems that i need t
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