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  1. got some follow up info and pictures from an outing today: The bottom paint is in good shape, I inspected it during survey. I got the boat up on plane as usual and trimmed the engine to neutral without tabs; performance immediately suffered. The prop was definitely slipping around 4500rpm and neutral trim, resulting in speed drop, rpm increase and fuel economy drop. It seems that the boat needs to be in a negative trim attitude for the prop to not slip. speeds at various rpm; 3500 -20mph, 4000 -23mph, 4500 -25mph, 5000 -28mph, 5500 -32mph, wot -5900- 35mph. The cavitation plate is a good 1-2 under the white water while on plane at multiple trim settings. I feel like i need a larger prop for this boat, and possible need engine mounting possibly moved up? Im going to try to reach out to any local prop guys here on long island and see what they say. Ill try to call around a couple well known robalo dealers and see if they have factory specs from the r240 as well. appreciate any input.
  2. 2-N-TOW got some answers for you; It was difficult to measure accurately while the boat is in the slip but I did my best. The motor is mounted on the second from top mounting hole. The engine is a 2012 yamaha f300uca. The prop is a yamaha saltwater series II: 17-T 15 1/2 In neutral postion the Cavitation plate is approximately 2 inches above the bottom of the transom. I had to do some math on this; the top of the Cavitation plate was approx 17.5" from the water line. The transom was approx 20" from the water line. Rough winds today so I didn't run it but will take it for a spin tomorrow to experiment. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  3. Awesome information and thank you for the reply. I apologize for my inexperience but when you refer to neutral position on engine trim, I suppose you mean half way to all the way trimmed up on the instrumentation? I dont think I ever ran the boat with engine trim in neutral position or higher. In my experience with smaller boats/lighter boats, I've generally kept the trim mostly fully down and achieved a lower bow with tabs. I will definitely experiment next time i go out. I will be down at the boat tomorrow to take additional pictures and measurements for you. It will be tough to get an exact measurement of cavitation plate from the bottom of the boat since its in the water and I dont have a trailer yet but I will do my best. The engine is a 2012 yamha f300uca. I will also take pictures and relay the prop info. Thanks again for the help and ill post a reply tomorrow.
  4. Hello all. New to the forum and Robalo. Just got a 2012 R240 with Single F300 and would really appreciate help in comparing real world Performance numbers from anyone with the same setup. Since there are no Yamaha Performance Bulletins for the R240 with a F300 i am left to compare to the F350 numbers and mine are considerably less efficient with only a 50hp difference. I know that the Yamaha bulletins tend to be a little polished by comparison to real life numbers. So... 2012 Robalo R240, Single Yamaha F300; Conditions- Full fuel, one person, no gear, 10-15kt Headwind, 1ft chop economy cruise seems to be around 4300rpm, engine trimmed up 2-3 notches on the gauge, about 15-20% down trim tabs, 24-27mph burning about 1.7-1.8mpg and a fuel flow of about 13-15gph. These seem to be my cruise numbers generally regardless of condition. I cannot get the burn above 2mpg regardless of trim position. Time to plane is about 4 seconds. WOT is around 5900-6000rpm and 35-40mph. Comparing these numbers to some that i am finding online with single 350 or twin 150s makes me somewhat concerned that either i may be propped incorrectly, mounting location may be off(but i doubt this), engine and tab trim needs to be much more aggressive than i'm used to, or the real world numbers with the F300 are just this way. With these numbers, I still would have a range of 282 miles with a 10% reserve. I could really use some help from other owners with the same setup.
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