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  1. Starting my re-power with transom upgrade to 25". I'll add some after pictures soon.
  2. The kill well must hold that much. I had it full and it didn't effect the water line.
  3. Thanks!! Won't be able to get the motor until Jan/Feb. The scuppers are slightly above the bottom paint.
  4. My 1989 Evinrude 140 has crapped out. I have located a 02 Merc 175 EFI 2 stroke. Is 175 too much? I believe I saw a brochure that a single 175 was the top rated HP for this boat. The current motor is 375 lbs and the Merc is ~425 lbs. Any thoughts?
  5. Picks up a surge around 2500-3000 rpm. I'm guessing, as I have no gauges. It smooths out if I hit the electric primer, so I was guessing fuel problem. Found a piece of collapsed fuel line that probably happened when the in line filter was put in by the previous owner. It pretty much made a one way valve going the wrong direction right at the filter barb. Fuel is nice and clean. No water/debris. Also a couple of dirty/loose electrical connections. Plugs are clean.
  6. Thanks. I'm planning on getting a bore scope to send down there. I'm almost wondering if there's a drain from the control slot to the engine well, as it appears most of the water that was in there is gone. My motor is acting up, anyway. So she'll be on the hard for a while. Was pleasantly surprised when no water came out of the garboard drain.
  7. Well, not a single drop of water out of the garboard drain. And the boat was on the ramp still, so it was a pretty good pitch. Where else should I be looking for water? Is it possible that the water I saw in the control cable slot ran into the chase ways to the gas tank "coffin"? I am perplexed!!
  8. Not enough. I would rather do a standard hatch, but I don't see how that's possible.
  9. Well, the "bilge" has water in it. You can't tell, as the boat is still showing the same amount of bottom paint. Wife was driving today, and as we were coming up on plane, I could see water at the control cable hole. Pulling her out tomorrow. The plan is to sacrifice the aft wall of the kill well for a inspection plate (as big as will fit), and begin installation of a bilge pump. I'll also be rechecking any existing "thru hulls" for cracks/leaks. Keep ya posted!!
  10. I noticed that the engine well always has water in it. Should it have a plug? It still has the scupper set up.
  11. New canvas. Waiting on reg paperwork to come back, since I forgot a form and shorted the state $2🤪. Mooring is in, trailer squared away. Some fresh gas and plugs and should be good to go.
  12. Thanks for the info!! It's going on a mooring next week. I'll keep a close eye on her. I jumped around on the deck, banged on almost every inch of the hull. Nice sharp bangs and none of the wet thuds I had in a previous vessel. Put some time in fishing this summer and I'll do some work over the winter. If there's no apparent leaks, I may still do a bilge pump during the off season.
  13. New owner up in Rhode Island. Was looking for a basic fishing boat and this old girl feel in my lap. So after some research, my boat is one of the 1971 AMF Slickcraft center consoles. There's obviously issues with the foam core getting wet in these older boats. Just short of pulling up the deck, how does one inspect the core? Can I cut inspection ports into the deck? The under deck duel tank has also been abandoned, but the deck is still in one piece and I'd hate to cut it if it can be avoided. When I pull the garboard plug, there's a drip every couple seconds. The "kill well" and engine
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