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  1. I cleaned the screen on the oil pickup and it started working. 👍🏽
  2. I have a 2006 Mercury efi 200 2 stroke, the one that runs off of compression to oil the engine. When I first bought It I replaced the Onboard oil reservoir and it bled perfectly and the other day I got the 4 alarm beep. I looked at the reservoir and it was a few inches low and my 3 gallon remote tank was at Around a gallon. I figured just fill up ThE remote reservoir, crank her up and bleed it... nope, it’s not bleeding. I checked all the lines and there was a small leak at the “Oil in” hose at the Connection to the remote tank and a very Very small Pinhole leak on the “air out” from the
  3. It seems the fixed radio is the way to go. 2 n tow mentioned the same thing about the antenna. I def want a decent radio. update... got the tank back in Today and wired everything back up. Thank god I video documented everything I did. The wires coming off of the ignition Was so confusing. And getting the throttle and linkage back together was a huge pain as well. I labeled the Steering hydraulic lines and put them back there they were but the wheel will just turn and turn with no engagement to the motor. I figured it would need to be bled but I have never done it. I’ve been watching YouTub
  4. I did a pressure test on the tank and it revealed no leaks. I was scratching my head over it and painstakingly went over the entire tank. I did find a very tiny hole in the vent tube coming off the tank that was down low enough to not be covered by the vent hose. (I had Actually covered it up with tape when I did the pressure test) I chipped at it and it opened up to about the size of a typical eraser on a pencil. I also found some decent pits and Wire wheeled around them. Two of them revealed a tiny tiny pinhole, but I’m sure it was only because of the wire wheel. But I’m glad I found them.
  5. A part of me was like “well maybe I should just run it for awhile and see what happens” because looking back... it probably was just the sending unit or something strange considering I just topped it off. but damn. Can’t be too careful. i learned a lot more about my vessel and have made small modifications in the process. Not to mention I wanted to clean all that wiring up anyway. I just bought it a few months ago but after all this it will surely be MY BOAT! I dont want to be down For longer than I have to be so I’ve contacted some local Guys to get a professional opinion on the vi
  6. Yeah like I said I just want something to show itself! The fuel line to the motor is the only thing I haven’t checked but as you said I’ve basically ruled that out because A: it’d be draining into a different part of the boat and B: there’d be other telltale signs. And I do not have one of those fuel water separators. I want to stay in state for possible local pickup Of a tank and I emailed “the marine connection” Out of ft Pierce to see if they had a close match but uNfortunately they don’t. florida marine tanks Inc got back to me with a quote to make the exact tank and they hit me with
  7. Yea I figured as much, that sucks. got the tank out today and pressure tested it best I could. Sprayed the entire thing with soapy water and found ......nothing ......I do think the tank is original btw. And it does have several decent pitting Spots and I’ve decided I don’t want to do this again anytime soon So I’m replacing it. I just shot off an email of my dimensions to marine tanks inc for a quote. would love to find a poly close to my dimensions that has the attachments where mine already are. I really don't want to have to make another hatch or inspections ports. Pulled out my f
  8. I agree there has to be a drain I just can’t see it. At the top and bottom there’s like an inch gap and the coffin tapers so where the bottom of the tank meets the coffin it makes a V. It’s super tight in there. Makes me wonder if the tank was made for the coffin or the coffin made for the tank. Either way it’s snug as a bug. As far as gas smell I really didn’t smell it bad when I lifted the deck. And since the foam had separated from the coffin and the tank I was able to get it out fairly easily and in large chunks and although Im sure I must’ve looked “special” I was smelling all the piec
  9. The one photo is looking down into the inspection port behind the fish box. i got all the foam out and still can’t see a dang thing. The tank is tight in there, I can’t even see that tube you’re talking about from the coffin to the bilge.
  10. I did some archaeology on the tank sticker to see what I could see. It’s says “florida marine tanks inc” “Capacity 60 gallon” model number is unfortunately ripped off along with test pressure. does anyone know this brand? Is this what they used in original equipment ?
  11. There’s the tank, the fish box? And a photo down through the inspection port. You can see it looks like somebody busted it open to be able to see into it. overall the tank looks fine. The sending unit is tight and the lines as far as I can see and feel are good. Some of the foam has seperated from the tank Making a path for fuel to get down but as far as I can inspect I can’t see any holes. I’m stumped. I really don’t wanna go hacking away at the foam to try and see if I can find a hole but I may have to, any thoughts/input???
  12. Hey y’all. I am a new owner of an 81 or 82 almost 20ft robalo. I’ve run it several times since I’ve bought it and other than trying to figure out what the hell the box is in the back it’s been running great (is that a live well or a fish box?) anyway, that’s for another post. The real problem I’m having is I filled up the Fuel tank other day and Went out, two days later my neighbor knocked on my door and told me there was gas leaking from my drain plug. I jacked the boat as high as I could and put a bucket underneath and sure enough it was water and gas. i inspected the fill lines, ve
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