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  1. Here’s the final product! Starting the construction of a fiberglass hard top soon. More pictures/updates to follow.
  2. Once all of the structural repairs were completed I then began the reassembly process where I had to place the cap back onto the hull. For this step i used the same process as most modern custom boat builders and used Arjay 4100 core bonding compound. This is an extremely strong and reliable (and expensive) polyester based putty that has high PSI tolerances and the ability to flex while maintaining its bonding integrity. While constructing the new stringer system I left approximately 1/2”-1“ gaps between the floor and the top of the stringers to leave room for this bonding compound. Just befor
  3. So, as the project nears completion I would like to give some technical specs on my repairs and customizations and details on materials used. And the pros and cons of each decision that was made throughout. Initially, this was going to be nothing more than a floor repair. Once I dug into the boat a little more I discovered that the entire hull from top to bottom was riddled with termites, and every structural component of the vessel was jeopardized. I then determined that this boat was going to have to face a complete reconstruction including the stringers, transom, and the floor. I bega
  4. UPDATE: The 1999 Robalo 2100 bayhunter project is nearing completion.
  5. UPDATE: The 1999 Robalo 2100 bay hunter is almost complete and is now wood free.
  6. Thanks for the information, that explains why my hours of searching wahoo, Brunswick, chaparral, and robalo databases has lead to zero information on this bayhunter. I have a robalo and chaparral dealer close to home I’m going swing by and see if the can lead me somewhere this afternoon and I’ll follow up. As far as the story goes, I purchased this boat May 2019. Last summer I noticed some floor sag and the T-top was flexing the floor during operation. So I’ve finally got around to this project replace the floor but while doing so I discover a termite infestation in the transom/strin
  7. Hey guys, First off this is my first ever forum post. However I’m renovating my 1999 Robalo 2100 bay hunter and it has turned into a big project. I’m having trouble finding any type of schematics or diagrams for any part on this hull. Any input regarding the 2100/2109 tunnel hull differences would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, if anyone knows where I can’t find older robalo manuals, blueprints, schematics, diagrams, specifications, or any type of technical date related to this specific hull would be great. thanks! -Tony D
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