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  1. I have a plb. Its older now. I need the battery replaced. I am very interested in the Inreach SE. I may have to get one.
  2. I put one in my boat too. I put mine in the console on the face. That put the antenna under a Circuit breaker switch panel. There were issues with reception in that location. I have to purchase an external antenna. Your location looks good for reception. I don't know about emergency situations. But its way better to have one, than not. I know the physical bypass works. I had to use it. Pretty easy. Unscrew a cable in the back an put a cap in its place. Worked like a charm. No more MOB capability but it got me back home fine.
  3. How do I get a polyethylene replacement tank for my 2013 R180. I don't know anything is wrong with the Al one. But that is part of the issue. I don't know. You cant get in to really inspect it. Is there a Moeller part number or some other brand part number to look for.
  4. Use a snake bit. But I would want a way to get in there and epoxy the board after I drilled it to keep water from splitting the plywood. Also, put a small hole in the floor of the CC. Where the toilet sits. If water is puddling in there, it is seeping past the screws that hold the toilet and the step to the floor. The cavity below is filling with water. I pulled more than a gallon from mine. There was enough the plywood was getting spongy from being soaked. It has now dried and gotten hard again.
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