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  1. Hey 2-n-TOW,

    You seem to have a lot of knowledge and maybe your wisdom can help me with my water issue I bought a 1997 2540 Robalo in the fall of last year. The boat has been converted to a leisure boat with some seating in the stern.   I have a water issue when I am anchored and have a lot of weight near the stern of the boat.  When the water level gets close to the rub rail on the integrated platform I seem to take on a lot of water.  This boat came with 4 scupper valves, 2 that go somewhere up front and two that come from the mid section of the walk around and they all meet coming out the bottom of the swim platform.  The boat was designed for fishing however has since been converted to a leisure for my use as I spend a lot of time anchored hosting a couple people with the weight near the back.  As I am using the boat inland on the St Lawrence River I wont be taking on wave water too often if at all , just rain water.  I'd like to fill the scupper holes in the bottom of the platform in and direct the lines from those scuppers to my main automatic bilge.  If I were to do that I  would add a small automatic bilge within the integrated swim platform that takes water to my main automatic bilge.  The water appears to be coming in from these scupper valves and up the lines and having the reverse effect of what they were designed for.  Do you think I am on the right track or could water be entering the boat behind the rub rail somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I truly love this boat.  Thanks for your time and i look forward to hearing from you.



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