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  1. Lol... The suspense... it is killing me too since they constantly text me a few teasers every few days...
  2. Lol, pretty much... I will be down there next Friday so o will get some new pics of the progress.
  3. We have locked into a hardtop design, the hardtop was built from a mold and on the 18th I will be down meeting with the pipe welder and the fiberglass guy to go over the smaller details and make sure we are 100%. The fiberglass shop wants me to be there so we can make sure the hardtop design works for the look I was wanting and to make sure it all works for the pipe welder as well... It won't be far off from that point forward.... I don't have any new pics of the build because shortly after I arrived there was a downpour and my phone was still in the truck however, the stringers ha
  4. Here is a screenshot of my hardtop ideas.... it still won't let me upload the other pics of inside the hull without the foam, probably the operator lol...
  5. Yes, the stringers that he made are overbuilt as well, he was showing me all the pieces and his plan while it was all on the bench... He really put some planning into it all before he began cutting and laying glass, I am honestly very impressed with his work so far... He said after everything gets glassed in he is going to be coating it all with white pigmented epoxy to make it all look nice and clean... Yes, he scrapped the rectangular pieces of galvanized steel that came with the bracket and he has the same welder that is going to be doing the pipe welding coming in to cut and drill
  6. Update alert.... Transom is back together and SOLID as a rock!!! It is now 4.25in thick and virtually indestructible... The bracket should be going on very soon, but they still have to get it painted first... Stringers were cut out and should be going in this week, the new stringers are deck height now to support the new deck and hatch area. The new stringers are overbuilt like everything else in this build. The fishbox lids were all removed and the core was checked and there was no rot, they are just built like a tank... We are still planning to recore and lighten the
  7. I had a moment the other day to start searching for some parts, we have a few boat junk yards down here in FL amd there is also Marine Liquidators, you never know what you are going to find!!! And it is a fun pastime, lol I'm looking for this fold down removable door next.... This will go in the big hole under the helm on my console... I'm glad it wasn't only me that thought that, I was afraid a diehard Robalo fan was going to lose their mind by me changing it up some... But, I agree 100%, I like better flowing lines. I sent them this pic and told them to show the f
  8. Ok, so look what I found today for a good deal on this doorway for the cabin... We have to cut a 2.5in off of the bottom and then extend the fiberglass about 3in on top of the cabin to meet the frame but it will work out great!!! I have always had the goal of removing all the teak (because I don't like to take care of it to keep it looking good) from the boat so this was a great find for only $250.... Also, I found this thru pulpit anchor roller, this was on a Grady, just needs a bit of polishing on the shiny side and a new roller installed in it to make it perfect but it ha
  9. Lol, I was thinking the same thing when they sent the pic since he knew I post updates... He said the exact same thing on the wood vs Coosa, he actually wanted to do it in wood and promised that I would be more than pleased with it but I wanted a forever transom with the weight savings... He showed me one of the jobs they had opened up with all wood and epoxy, they do good solid work... I believe he told me before that they over drill and epoxy then drill the proper size... Plus the 5200.. He also plans to have a stainless backing plate along the top and bottom bolts to evenly sup
  10. With the weight of those lids I assumed something wasn't good inside, granted they were very sturdy and no sag but I need to lighten things up as much as I can in the stern anyways.. So, I am still making my way back across the country from Oregon, I should be seeing the boat on Sunday and getting some new updated pics but I got a few taser pics sent to me this morning... They decided to add 1 more layer of Coosa to the inside of the transom as well as 2 layers of coring where they removed the old core. He wanted to need this boat up so It would "exceed the original spe
  11. I spoke to the fiberglass shop today, they have been very busy... They have cut out the old saturated stringer area, removed a ton of foam, replaced fittings on both fishboxes and the livewell, getting things cleaned up for the new layup... Apparently they found that the last time someone had poured foam in the boat half of it never catalyzed and formed actual foam so they were removing a goop along with some foam and some other foam that had been saturated with water.... They also told me that they found that all of the fishboxes and livewell had damaged drains possibly due to the
  12. When it is done, come on down!!! Yes, the new bracket was built awesome, very well built, nice bright white powder coat, non skid on the top, a heavy duty non skid tape it seems where the motors mount , 2 internal baffles, 2 anodes, and a drain plug at the low point... When they mount it they are going to use a backing plate that runs full width along the top and bottom for extra support, which I like that idea. Believe it or not the new bracket really doesnt weigh anymore than the old bracket system. My fiberglass guy and his wife are in love with the boat almost as mu
  13. I picked up the new bracket this morning from Stainless Marine.... WOW, so pretty and perfect... Very well constructed... I think I mentioned I got a bracket that had the motors 28.5in on center so i can have some room for possibly going to some new Yamaha 225 4 stokes next year if things go well... When I dropped the bracket to the fiberglass guy he showed me what he had underway and his plan of attack... The old transome was removed (he found that it was pressure treated plywood in there from the last guy, unusual and not right)... He is replacing the stringers in the rear all th
  14. At the very beginning back in early March prices dropped, then less than 1 month later they were nearing peak value and people were even overpaying... Unreal, but I even sold 1 of my old boats for top dollar as well, 2k more than it would have gotten last year... On another note, I am going to pickup the new bracket to bring over to the boat along with my trim tab actuators and new scuppers for the deck... Since he is redoing the transom he can install these now.. saves me some time... So, I will have some new pics to post tomorrow of the progress to this point. I am starting to ge
  15. LOL, well there is a funny story about when I was in the DR my phone was stolen, which caused me to go without my phone for the rest of the week there... I was very fortunate to be in my line of work, back in mid March I decided to take a break and see how things were going to play out with Covid... I remained home for 7 weeks but didn't do much meaningful work on the boat because I had a limited number of masks and I wasn't sure when they could be available again... The whole time I was off I did keep my other employee busy qnd he was grateful for the work... When I took off I had
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