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  1. Thanks, I unfortunately haven't gotten any additional work done on it since the last pictures due to pesky work getting in the way but I plan to get some work done between today and Friday before we leave... Fingers crossed!
  2. Because you are correct, I never get fun jobs like that... We have a house down there that was her mothers before she passed away, we have to make sure the renters haven't burned it down yet... Then she has to visit with some of her family, then a minor vacation.... But, to me at this point I want to get work done on the boat, it is at that point and I'm in the moo to get things done!!! By late March, unless the winter decides to kick up a notch work is going to get in the way of progress.
  3. Small holes everywhere!!! Luckily the face of the console won't matter since that has black acrylic ready to be installed after everything else to get wrapped up... I hated how the controls were hitting my legs and having to sidestep between the leaning post and console... And, btw, I'm working right now until Friday. I've already wrapped up my big contracts for the boat show, and on Saturday and maybe Sunday I will be down there myself before Monday headed out with the Yamaha SeaHunter. Then it looks like I will have 3 days before I have to go down to the Dominican Republic for 1 week.... ughhh.... anxious to just keep cranking on the boat... My goal is to at least get all of the rough in glass work wrapped up before we leave for DR. Then when we get back I should be able to wrap up the deck hatches and getting things ready to fair out and paint... I also have a lot of plumbing and electrical to get done but that isn't as big of a deal... Just need some more time!!!
  4. Still letting every8dry out in the bilge area before I continue any work in that area... so, I moved on to a few of the other projects that needed to be worked on... I cut out a good chunk of the center console to get a more functional layout and to cover the swiss cheese pattern that was going on there... As you can see in the pics, I removed the cup holder area and leveled the area out approx 10in further so I could get the controls out of the way (the binnacles were horrible to get around)... I will be getting this area all glassed in when I get back from 2 days of work... I think this will look and function so much better when completed... I also decided that I would change out my old steering pump with a newer tilt version... I also filled in all of the screw holes, deck holes, old drain holes, control tube holes, and the old rail holes. I have started to match the lines on the gunwale in the area where the tail used to mount. A little more work and it should be perfect... My buddy was working on sanding down the hill and filling in all of the scratches, gouges and stress cracked areas on the hull... Still have a lot more work to do but I feel that I'm making some decent headway... Here lately all info is live, eat, sleep and dream about what needs to be done next and wishing I had more hours in a day to keep steaming forward!!!
  5. I have enough room and enough material to easily accomplish a bulkhead here. I should be able to use some of the Thixo thickened epoxy in a tube I have to achieve a nice bond to the hull before i glass everything in... What do you think about this sketch for my idea on how to accomplish this.
  6. It definitely added some structural strength for certain, whether it was overkill nor not is another thing. The nearest bulkhead is just in front of the livewell, which is where the fuel tank ends. I am not really certain of it needs extra support but it would be a very easy place to add another bulkhead there if need be, if I was to add one there it would be just after the livewell so I could maintain an open bilge area. I didn't see any obvious reasons how water could have gotten in there, I guess with time and use any slight imperfections would allow water to get in... But I also think some drain holes would have been a wise choice in the lower corners, but I guess with foam that could be a double edge sword... Yeah, I would agree with that statement, that is some pretty heavy duty glass. I was happy that it wasn't mush though, that is always a disparaging sight... I looked at it today and they are trying out nicely. I had originally thought of doing just that with an angled cut, but after seeing the damp stringers I was wondering if sintering another stringer along side of the existing one would have been a good idea or not... until things dry out some in there I won't be able to do anything with it for several more days anyways so it gives me time to think more... Today was mostly spent organizing and doing an inventory of all my parts and chemicals... I did put the new trim tabs on today just so it felt like I had a win lol... I also did a bit of glass work recoring the transom cap but that was all... Tomorrow I'm hoping to get more productive work done...
  7. Wow, well today I removed the foam... all of it!!! Once I got into it I realized that from about 1/2 way down it was all saturated and there was even standing water in there. I removed no less than 100lbs between both sides today... I am very thankful that the stringers were not rotted, they are wet but solid, I got lucky there but as deep as I am it really wouldn't be much to glass new ones in at this point. If you ever want to suck the fun right out of a project start cutting out foam!!! The good news is now with the foam out there is a ton of room in the bilge to lay things out nice and organized as they should be. I now have an excellent plan on how to add support to the new floor area and around the hatches... I plan to use a flapper disc on my grinder to clean up these edges and lay in new glass and basically lay another stringer next to the existing ones to provide support for the deck... Hard to visualize by talking about it but I will provide plenty of pics while I do the work... Once all of the new glass is laid in the bilge area I plan to give a healthy dose of gelcoat to finish it off... then finally glossing in the deck hatches and transom hatch. It can't come soon enough lol!!! These pics don't do this work justice, this was about 4hrs plus!!! BTW, all of the water you see here is from the foam and flotation box areas! It was basically dead weight...
  8. Lol, my 2ft-itus went the wrong way, i sold my 285 Mako and got this one... but this will be a far better boat when I get it all wrapped up, just not as big and I'm ok with that... The way I see it is I would rather have a great smaller boat instead of an ok larger boat, I'm working on a budget, lol, and so far I haven't blown this budget, in fact it looks like I may be right under it if things go right from here forward.
  9. I was thinking that I would cut the top of the box off first then start removing chunks of the foam. My concern was that there would be something unforeseen, I doubt it but you never know what you are getting into on some of these older boats... On another note, I am very impressed with the quality of build on these boats, for 30yrs old it is still as solid as a rock!!!. That 2660 is a pretty nice looking boat. Looks mostly original from the pic! FOUND IT... Looks pretty nice, I'm waiting to see his interior pics. I like his asking price, it gives me reassurance that I am not just blowing thru hard earned cash for nothing on my own boat...
  10. Lol, yes, it has worn on me long before I even launched the boat!!! Exactly my thoughts on it as well. 3 8in pie plates in the old splash well was all the working space they gave on this boat and honestly I think it only had 2 from the factory. These hatches should work out perfect! So these blocks are approximately halfway up the height of the livewell, they do not support the floor at all, they are glassed to the side of the stringers though. My best guess on the dimensions are 12Lx14Wx18T... my initial thought was to cut it all out to give me nice clean access to the bilge and give me more space. I'm adding 2 large bilge pumps, 2 Whale Gulper 320 pumps for the fish boxes, a new livewell pump (BTW, I think I figured the livewell system out after a lot of research), and I have a thru hull transducer all going back here and I want as much room as possible so it isn't crowded and sloppy... So, other than it being a PITA to remove the floatation blocks it should be 100% fine, is what I'm hearing, right? I forgot to mention I purchased a nice sink style drains for the fishboxes that were intended for Grady Whites but will be perfect in this application, the existing hole was less than 1/4in drain... with these drains tied into the individual Whale pumps they will drain great and should never clog up like it was. It looks like Christmas here all over again, all of the parts are sitting right here, I just want to dive into it and work nonstop until it is finished, lol!!! I am going to look up that boat in CT, I can't believe it has an upper station on it!. I have never really needed an upper station and like you I prefer to have the ability to easily trailer my boats... Here is a pic of what the hull looks like with all of the stripes and rubrail removed, I am so glad that I don't have a ton of work to do on the exterior besides some light fairing on some deep scratches and dings before the wrap and rubrail are installed. It is getting closer day by day!!! I'm getting anxious, lol...
  11. I'm back at it... We got a lot accomplished today... I purchased 2 premade hatched from member Daytrip over on THT since this eliminated a lot of work on my part. I cut the deck out and set the bottom hatch then the back hatch flanges were cut down to the proper height I needed... All in all it looks pretty good and like it will work great... I need to get some bilge work knocked out before I glass everything just so I can make life easier for myself... Also today we removed all of the old stripes and marlin from the hull along with all other vinyl decals. The rubrail was also pulled off, looks like I will be installing the Taco Suproflex with the chrome insert after I do the wrap. I have a question about the 2 large floatation blocks in the bilge. I cut into a piece to see if it was waterlogged but seemed dry. I was wondering what anyone thought of me cutting them in half and reglassing them in or even removing both blocks all together, I just think of this since I noticed it takes up a ton of space in the bilge and possibly adding unnecessary weight to the hull (where I don't need any weight)... I have all week to get work done and I fully expect to have everything glassed in place this week... Oh, I forgot to add, I decided to do things the right way and glass the console holes in and make it look nice instead of using the starboard (no point in getting lazy now lol)...
  12. I was actually more paranoid with my own boat since I figured it would be that 1 time that something crazy would happen, but it didn't so all was good... I have it now sitting in my lot with all my other trailers waiting for me to get back from vacation... I'm getting anxious to get going on it again now since I haven't worked on it much myself over the last few months since I was busy with work... I did get all of my upholstery back from the shop that I bartered some work with, pics are attached of a few of them... I did the light grey vinyl inside the cuddy and white outside... I still need the isenglas or acrylic around the console but that can wait until later.
  13. Well my boat has finally made it to FL... I still have some work to get done but due to vacation and the upcoming holidays I probably won't get started on it until Jan... The good news is, it is here finally amd I am anxious to get started with the work, the bad news is my extra help down here is few and far between unless I can convince my father to take a "working vacation" in FL.... It is such a weird feeling when I am was driving long haul with my own boat behind me, lol...
  14. I was supposed to get the boat out of the marina a few weeks ago but they were still wrapping up some work on it and I have been BUSY moving boats all over the country... I literally just finished moving my boat from Baltimore to my parents place in Southern MD and started writing this post... I have it sitting on one of my smaller trailers right now, I didn't want to put it back on the roller trailer after having the bottom wrapped up... I agree, the bottom really changed the overall appearance of the boat. I will be so happy to get the rest of the work wrapped up over the winter... It is so crazy, it always seems like the last bit of the work is takes the longest. I would estimate that I am around 75% complete with the project... I did originally consider changing the position of the steering wheel... But after sitting my leaving post in the boat I decided I had to leave the steering wheel where it was since there are 2 individual seats on the leaning post... If the leaning post was just a single bench it may have been different.... The console will work for now, but I see sometime later in the future a possible entire console redesign along with a new hardtop and some fancy pipework, but much later...
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