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  1. Its definitely a mix of both worlds, fishing and invite friends for fun day out. I haven't maxed it out to see top speed, but i'll update you... probably 45ish? We like to casual fish and we also like island hopping and sandbar fun, this set up gives us the versatility to do both! Wouldn't mind a yellow fin though! As for now, we have the Simrad, plan to definitely add GPS. It's so new, I just don't know yet! Not to mention, this is my 1st boat soooo I kind of don't know what I don't know! I'll look into any "surely must have" suggestions offered though 😎😎 Kind of wish I went with twin 150s instead of the 300
  2. Here she is! We haven't agreed on a name yet, but loving the hardtop and versatility with the fishing deck/ find down stern seating...or would that be called aft? Lol
  3. Hi everyone! Recently purchased a 2019 Robalo 247. I've been boating for decades with friends, but this is my first boat. Figured I should join a forum for a bit of guidance and make some new friends!
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